Krakow is Blipping

Chances are, whether you’re in or outside of Poland and have not spent the past few years under a WiFi-free rock, you’ve heard of Twitter. But few outside of Poland have heard of Blip, the Polish equivalent of the popular 140-character microblogging service.

And now, Krakow’s Market Square has shown that it’s hip to the latest trends by becoming the first place in Poland to “blip” in cyberspace. Those who follow the square’s feed will be informed about events taking place there, as well as being able to see current photos and video feeds of the square, and can even hear the famous hejnał at noon.

“We are the first in Poland and we’re happy that others will be emulating us,” Paweł Krawczyk of the Office of the City of Krakow told Gazeta Wyborcza. “The Market Square is an exceptional place, where festivals. parties, concerts, fairs and meetings take place in Krakow,” he continued.

The Market Square’s Blip feed can be found at

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