How to spend New Year’s Eve in Krakow

2018 is upon us, and naturally there will be many parties in and around Krakow to celebrate New Year’s Eve – or Sylwester, as it is called in Polish after the saint whose name day coincides with it.

A great deal of private restaurants and bars will be holding celebrations, so be sure to check their websites, social media pages, or Karnet. If you’d rather join the whole city in a big public celebration, though, here are your options.

All events start at 21 and conclude at 1am the next morning.

Krakow’s Main Market Square

Expect a huge crowd on Krakow’s Rynek Główny to see the countdown as well as performances by several famous Polish musicians. Among them will be Natalia Nykiel (who you can preview above),  Kasia Moś (who represented Poland in Eurovision 2017),  Kasia Moś, and local DJ Olivia.

Tauron Arena Krakow

If hip-hop is your thing, this is your stage: See Polish rapper Szpak and Chory Band, Rasmentalism,  Łona and Webber with The Pimps, and Ten Typ Mes.

Note that, while admission is free, like to all these events, you must first procure a ticket online here.

Also, parking at Tauron Arena will be closed for  New Year’s Eve. You can check public transport routes here.

Aleja Róż

The famous main avenue in Krakow’s charmingly socialist realist Nowa Huta district you can hear a more eclectic group of musicians, from director of the Polish Song Library Waldemar Domański with DJ Vasil to psychedelic swing/rockabilly ensemble Amusing Companions to a musical performance by actors from Nowa Huta’s renowned Teatr Ludowy.

Rynek Podgórski

On the other side of the river, enjoy some jazz with Boba Jazz Band, then multimedia artist LUC with Krystyna Prońko, and finally a DJ set by famous Polish TV presenter Wojciech Pijanowski.

Remember too that there are many public transport options available, but that most shops will close early and probably remain closed through tomorrow.

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