3rd Talk ‘N’ Roll conference: Inspiring speakers, interesting topics, and music like you’ve never heard

The third annual edition of the Talk ‘N’ Roll conference will be held in Krakow next week. The general public is invited to Manggha Museum on 26 September to listen to interesting and inspirational stories from a variety of speakers. They come from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds – including new technologies, sport, management, communication, psychology, ecology, transport. (Nearly all will be in English.)

The featured speaker this year is Robert Korzeniowski, who will discuss his personal experiences with overcoming adversity in his accomplished athletic career (which includes winning four Olympic gold medals for racewalking). Other speakers include Katarzyna Jurczak, Pramod Jain, Dawid Ostręga, Anna and Maciej Ryś, Piotr Prokopowicz, Daniel Slavetskiy, Oskar Skibski, Julio Cesar Fort, Marian Mróz, Michał Winkler, and friend of The Krakow Post Sindhuja Sankaran.

There will also be musical entertainment, including the Recycling Band (who make sounds with household objects) and Kuba Wolanin (playing the novel “handpan” instrument).

To register or find out more, visit their website.

Talk ‘N’ Roll is organized by Sabre, an American IT company which has operated a large base of operations out of Krakow since 2000.

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