What’s New at Alchemia?

This week the Alchemia Pub presents two interesting musical events – a silent film with live music and a concert by alternative group Plazmatikon – as part of Krakow’s Festival of Alternative Art – Alchemia Off Art.

Alchemia Pub, one of the most evocative pubs in Krakow’s Kazimierz district, is located at ul. Estery 5 (corner of ul. Estery and pl. Nowy). Known for its unique artistic, cabalistic and magical spirit, Alchemia effectively combines the ancient and the modern. Numerous artistic events, such as concerts and recitals, are held regularly in its air-conditioned basement room.

On May 10 at 20:00, will have the chance to see the movie Battleship Potomkin (Pancernik Potiomkin) by Sergei Michailovic Eisenstein. The 1925 silent film about a 1905 mutiny has been called one of the most influential films of all time. The Pasimito Quintet – Lukasz Jakub (vocals), Daniel Pazdyka (guitar), Jacek Stobiecki (bass), Michal Sosna (saxophone) and Przemyslaw Lechowicz (drums) – will provide musical accompaniment for the film.

Pasimito Quintet is a young, but experienced group of musicians, who play a variety of genre: funk, ethno, trance and more. Pasimito’s music, though broadly based, is a well composed and consistent mix that offers pleasant surprises every time it is heard. The combination of classic film and modern music promises to be a worthwhile attraction. Entrance is 15zl, students 10zl.

On May 13 at 20:00, Alchemia will host Warsaw’s Plazmatikon. The group blends elements of club, improvisational and experimental music into one distinctive musical idea. Band members Maciej Szczepanski (bass), Kacper Czechowski-Salzman (guitar), Paweł Moszynski (keyboards, synthesizers) and Stanislaw Kozlik (beat machines, drums) are seeking an answer to the question of how broken beat, nu jazz or avant pop would have looked, if they had existed behind the iron curtain.

The musicians use original, legendary DDR beat machines and Soviet Union keyboards. All this, combined with free-jazz guitar and trance bass, creates a unique and energetic artistic search.
Their music is a free and unhindered walk through modern trends, translated through the instruments of a time when no one would have thought such expressions possible.

During their concerts, Plazmatikon often gets carried away by the free spirit of improvisation, changing the forms of their musical works spontaneously. Entrance is 15zl, students 10zl.

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