Return of the new thing at Alchemia

The famous free-jazz quartet ?Return of the New Thing? is giving one concert in Krakow?s Alchemia pub at ul. Estery 5, this Saturday, June 16.
The group?s music is a mix-up of the classics, such as Coleman, Shepp, Ayler and Mengelberg combined with their own, non-jazz music experiences.
The bands members are: Jean-Louis Guionnet shares his time between electro-acoustic, improvised and organ music, Francois Fuchs usually deals with improvising, and Dan Warburton (leader of band and a musical critic of the biggest avant-garde music magazine, ?The Wire?) together with Edward Perraud.
Having received a ?serious? musical education, they?ve explored the world of unconventional sounds and returned to rock, classical music and various kinds of improvisation.
The band plays music that?s appealing both to the intellect and emotions.
Their freedom and precision makes their music disciplined and clear, yet soaked with sounds.
From the very first moments it is clear that the members of the ?Return of the New Thing? know the history of jazz very well, moreover control their music as a dynamical structure.
The band has issued three albums: ?ROTNT? in England, ?Traque? in Sweden and ?Crescendo? in Poland, all of them enthusiastically welcomed by their fans.
The quartet?s music reaches to a wide audience.
It can be at the same time annoying and puzzling, tiresome and lifting, charming and confusing.
It is definitely worth hearing them play live in ?Alchemia,? as it is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.
The concert starts at 21:00, tickets: regular admission 40 zloty, students 35 zloty.

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