Is Agritourism the Next Big Thing?

There’s no business like agribusiness, it seems – at least according to the Małopolska authorities. This August, a campaign is to be launched to promote the region’s greener pastures, so to speak.

The promotion of agritourism in the Małopolska Voivodship mainly aims to “increase tourism in lesser-known parts” of the region, as voivodeship Vice Marshal Leszek Zegzda told the PAP news agency. According to Zegzda, the region is pioneering the first large-scale project of categorising rural hotel accommodation for agritourists.

At the moment, around 150 agritourism locations have been listed, with a goal to categorise 50 more by the end of the year. With this information at tourists’ disposal, the voivodeship authorities hope to popularise agritourism for both Polish and international visitors, and make Małopolska a destination for these kinds of travellers.

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