[Update] Tusk, Tymoshenko Discuss Euro 2012

As we reported earlier, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk met Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko today in Kiev to discuss Ukraine’s 2012 European Championships preparations. During the one-day meeting, the leaders also discussed the effect of the economic crisis on tournament plans.

Before leaving Poland, Tusk had underscored that he fully intends for Poland to co-host the tournament with Ukraine, and that all rumours to the contrary are “baseless”. During the meeting of the Joint Commission for UEFA Euro 2012, both leaders stressed this point.

Tusk told the press that he and PM Tymoshenko want to reiterate “that UEFA Euro 2012 is a joint Ukraine-Poland project with four Ukrainian and four Polish cities to be co-hosting stadiums.” Tymoshenko agreed, stating “We have gathered today to coordinate our efforts and clearly state that Poland and Ukraine host the championship in the four and four format.”

“From Poland’s point of view, the present four and four plan is not just a matter of solidarity, but in the obvious interest of both countries,” Tusk added.

In addition to the football tournament, the two leaders discussed fiscal policy, particularly concerning the current economic crisis, which has hit Ukraine particularly hard. The country had fallen behind preparations for the tournament, in part due to the crisis. However, on 1 July the Tymoshenko government passed legislation that allotted over $1.3 billion specifically for tournament preparations.

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