Krakow News 09 January 2017: The atmosphere in Krakow wants to kill you

Smog levels extremely dangerous

Krakow, notorious for having some of the worst smog in Europe, is experiencing near-record levels of the airborne toxic event. Residents are advised to stay indoors if possible, especially pregnant women, the elderly, and the chronically ill. The government is also asking people to limit their driving; today and probably tomorrow, if you have your vehicle documents with you, you can use Krakow public transport for free.

To find out more about smog, Krakow’s problem with it, and how to protect yourself, read The Krakow Post‘s extensive write-up on it here.


Regional frost warning

The Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has issued a first-degree frost warning for the region of Małopolskie (of which Krakow is a part), possibly extending into tomorrow. Nighttime temperatures may reach as low as -30C. A first-degree warning indicates “dangerous meteorological phenomena that may cause material damage, possibly life-threatening… Conducting business in terms of exposure to these factors is difficult and dangerous.”

[TVN Meteo]

Firefighters warn against carbon monoxide poisoning

A family of five was recently hospitalized near Krakow after one of the children lost consciousness. Firefighters determined that the level of carbon monoxide (CO) was dangerously high. They especially advise residents with gas heating not to obstruct the ventilation of their furnaces, as this is one of the most common causes of CO buildup. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased for around 100 PLN.

Since September last year, an estimated 21 Cracovians have died from CO poisoning and an additional thousand have been hospitalized.

[Radio Krakow]

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