Krakow News 14 December 2016: PiS Protested in Memory of Martial Law / Rehabilitation Robot / New Flights to Tel Aviv /

POLITICS: Protest Against PiS “dictatorship” on Martial Law Anniversary.

With another in a seemingly never ending stream of protests taking place, Krakow’s main market square has yet again provided the historical backdrop for scenes of political upheaval.
Last night, in memory of the turbulent introduction of Martial Law, 3000 citizens gathered to speak out against what they see as a government stranglehold of their civil liberties. United under a slogan declaring their demand for “the overthrow of the dictatorship”, PiS was not portrayed as a democratic ideal. Tributes were paid to the Solidarity Movement and other  figureheads of democratic freedom while a monument dedicated to Jaroslaw Kaczynski was symbolically erected and then destroyed in Nowa Huta.
The atmosphere seemed to demonstrate the wide-spread feeling that 35 years after the introduction Martial Law, too little had changed – the Polish people had still yet to be granted true freedom.


HEALTH: Rehabilitation Robot for Prokocim Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital in Prokocim has played host to a rather unusual new doctor this week as a very special robot has come to visit. It’s name is ‘Prodrobot’ and at a cost of over PLN 200, 000, its groundbreaking features could help children suffering from a wide range of disabilities.

The machine is designed to map and simulate walking patterns,  allowing children to practice walking along with a number of other activities, all in a safe and personalized manner. Rehabilitation therapist Boguslaw Banas has commented that thanks to their new robotic friend, there are children who will now be able to walk for the first time in their lives.

Donated by the foundation ‘Tesco Children’, the funds to purchase the Polish designed robot were collected through their ‘V Charity Run’ event.


TRAVEL: Krakow to Tel Aviv Just Got Easier

Krakow’s deep ties with the Jewish community are present all over the city and through its many museums, galleries, events and organisations it is a veritable centre for Jewish cultural celebration. It’s no surprise then that from 31 March 2017, Israeli Airlines El Al will be after 8 years re-opening a connection between Balice and Tel Aviv.

The second largest city in Israel and situated only 1 hour’s drive from Jeruselum, this new aero-connection will provide easy passage not only for Israelis looking to discover Jewish Culture in Krakow but also a chance for the Polish to explore the homeland of their long time neighbours and friends.


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