Krakow News 30 November 2016: This Winter: Two Thousand People Without A Home in Krakow

Two Thousand People Are Homeless in Krakow For The Winter

In Krakow today, almost 2 thousand people are reported to be sleeping rough. With winter upon us it is now especially important for these people to find a safe place to keep warm.

Many Cracovians hold the opinion that homeless people are so by choice, that they are scroungers, lazy and freeloading. They wish to trick people into giving them money just so that they can drink and take drugs and never have to work. Some even believe that they are running a scam, living in nice houses and bringing in large amounts of cash through their swindling.

Others see them as individuals, each with their life own story, personality, likes, dislikes, memories and dreams. Fellow humans who have perhaps had a terribly sad journey, often suffering too much physically or mentally to get back on their feet. Sometimes becoming so depressed that they completely give up on life, resigning themselves to the cold, the dirt and to the resentment of society at large. These people remind us that those on the street are homeless, not heartless and that oftentimes even more than money they simply want to feel that somebody, anybody cares that they exist at all.

Some passersby may give a few coins or them buy food but the majority view seems to be that of distrust and even hatred.

Whatever your opinion on the large number of humans huddling under bushes and on park benches at night, many of them receive serious injuries from sleeping in winter conditions. It is common to see frostbitten arms, legs, noses and fingers along with a variety of dangerous skin conditions and a large potential for deadly consequences if these are not treated. With often no hygienic sleeping choices and very few options of a place to clean themselves, their condition can seriously deteriorate and infection can be rife.


How to help:

There are few homeless shelters and kitchens in Krakow compared to the growing number in need and many homeless people seem to have the view that there is in fact nobody to help them and nowhere for them to go.

MOPS  states that help is available at the Department of Homeless Assistance @ Os. Teatralne  24. Residents of Krakow can inform them of the whereabouts of homeless people so that they can find and assist them.

Citizens can also contact Team Streetwork to inform them of a person in need of help. The following phone numbers can be called as well as texted with any helpful information.

Get in contact: 607 806 813, 607 522 912 or 603 035 732

They also can be visited at: Ulica. Rakowicka 21/4





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