Krakow News 24 November 2016: An Assassination Attempt of President Duda? / Smog Levels Dangerous for Breathers

STRANGE: Man Attempts to Question President with Knife & Syringe

An incident has occurred, yesterday afternoon at the Basilica in Piekary Śląskie, that has left police and those present scratching their heads. The police seem to be so confused by the situation that they have even released several contradictory versions of events.

In possibly a planned assassination attempt, an Aleksander Cz. arrived at the basilica some time before President Duda was scheduled to appear. He was apparently ‘ behaving strangely’ when he caught the attention of police spies in the vicinity. When he pulled out a syringe, police decided to act.

Searching him, they discovered that the syringe was filled with a strange substance and that he was also carrying a hunting knife and a list of questions. The man stated that the liquid inside the syringe was ‘salt water’ and that he had wished to meet with and ask President Duda some questions.

The man has been arrested and taken into custody where the police are trying to understand what was going through this man’s head. The case of Aleksander Cz. seems to be bringing up more questions than answers as even the man himself seems confused about why he was at the Basilica. Preliminary testing of the fluid from the syringe does not indicate any kind of narcotic.


HEALTH: Bad Day for Breathing: Smog at Dangerous Levels

Common advice for people in stressful situations is to ‘just breathe’ and everything will be okay. Today, our advice is ‘just don’t breathe’ and everything will be okay.

After a sharp rise in pollution levels on Wednesday, today will not be a great day for anybody with lungs. Pollution remains at extremely high levels around Krakow and it can be seen hanging thick in the air. The worst air quality of the region has been recorded at Nowa Huta, with a concentration of 232 ʮg / m3.

A regular reading of the air would give us results of  50 ʮg / m3, however across the city, levels are well in excess of the healthy norm. Here can be seen the readings from yesterdays chemical romance and today is expected to be even worse.

  • Kraków, Nowa Huta ul. Bulwarowa – 232 ʮg / m3
  • Olkusz, ul. Francesco Nullo – 228 ʮg / m3
  • Kraków, os. Kurdwanów – 219 ʮg / m3
  • Kraków, ul. Dietla – 217 ʮg / m3
  • Nowy Targ, Pl. Słowackiego – ʮg 192 / m3
  • Krakow, al. Krasińskiego – 182 ʮg / m3 (as at noon. 22)
  • Kraków, os. Piast – 155 ʮg / m3
  • Kraków, ul. Złoty Róg – 147 ʮg / m3

The Provincial Crisis Management Team has warned residents, with a list specifically warning anybody young, old and just about everyone with any kind of illness to avoid spending long periods of time outside.



5 thoughts on “Krakow News 24 November 2016: An Assassination Attempt of President Duda? / Smog Levels Dangerous for Breathers

  • November 24, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Have the police fine anyone, who leaves his/her car running idle without reason. Explanations I heard were: I am lading my mobile phone / I have a dog in the back, which may get a cold / I am just trying to find another radio station….but they will not fine anybody, because they do it themselves, while they buy sandwhiches, cold drinks or what ever!

    • November 24, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      Cars? do you really think the problem in Malopolska are the cars? Get serious Hans

      • November 26, 2016 at 8:19 pm

        You have to start somewhere!You cannot raid each appartment, which is burning it´s waste, because it´s too troublesome to use the garbage cans. In our builing there are tennants who just throw their bags out of the windows. It’s awful!

          • December 5, 2016 at 4:58 pm

            You bet! My wife almost got hit twice by such bundles! We posted signs requesting to stop it.It became less now.

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