Krakow News 9 November 2016: Independence Day Approaches/ Free Coffee in Krakow / Woman stuck down a Well

CULTURE: Independence Day approaches…

What is freedom to one is a prison for the other.

Independence Day will soon be upon us with this Friday ringing in another year of ‘freedom and independence’ through the eyes of some; ‘restriction and dependence’ through the eyes of others.

Although a day of celebration, it is also a day of political debate; everyone seems to have their own agenda and their own point to push. Independence Day carries with it markets, music and festivals along with speeches, marches and protest rallies. Despite this, it still manages each year to bring people together, united (despite their different interpretations) by a belief in the human right to freedom and the consideration of what independence means to them.

Click here for a list of organized celebratory activities and keep an eye out on the streets to in order to observe the equally significant political, social and philosophical activities.



GASTRONOMY: Krakow Coffee Week

Krakow seems to have a never ending parade of weeks celebrating something or other, and this particular week that something is coffee.

Cracovians are known for their love of a good cuppa, but this energizing treat can cost a pretty penny when it comes prepared by a pro barista. Luckily for bean lovers of Krakow, Coffee week brings with it significant discounts across restaurants and cafes around the city.

Visit a participating coffee peddler and you can get your morning, midday or evening kick from only PLN 2 for an espresso. There are loads more discounts as well as free coffees on offer with this celebration of caffeine in full swing.

Download the app or visit the website to discover more about coffee week, participating stores and to receive a free cup of joe.




REGIONAL: Well, well, well. A woman in a well.

In a classic situation straight out of a cartoon, a comedy or even horror film, this week in Grzegorzowice Wielkie – a woman has fallen down a well.

Certainly not the most common event to come about, details of how the woman actually ended up inside this well have been left to our imagination.TSO Sieciechowice also discovered the situation in a befittingly unusual way – a message on Facebook simply stating that ‘a person fell into a well’.

Firefighters hurried to the scene where they found the woman clinging to the walls of an 11ft deep well. She requested swift assistance as she didn’t feel she could hold her position for much longer and wanted to avoid falling into the 2 meters of cold water. Firefighters managed to retrieve the woman as one of them descended into the well on a rope in order to pull her back to safety.


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