Krakow News 25 October 2016: All Saints Day / Senator controversy at Reymonta / Conrad Festival

MUSIC: A concert for the dead (and the living)

Songs for the soul, for the souls

While most families choose to mourn the loss of loved ones with flowers and tears, this year on ‘All Saints Day’ we are presented with a more lively solution.

On the 1st of November at Krakow’s Rakowicki Cemetery, both the living and the dead will be immersed in harmony. Here, on this day of remembrance, will be held a rather unusual concert —’Memento vitae’.

Although silent of applause or cheering,  the concert is yet ultimately designed to bring cheer, encouraging listeners to reflect upon life through the words of Polish poets such as Czesław Niemen and Grzegorz Turnau.

‘It’s time to show that All Saints Day is a day of joy’ says Waldemar Domanski (Library of Polish Song), organiser of the event .

‘ [Radio Krakow]

SPORT: Senator kicked out of football box

Senator Fedorowicz is feeling rather sore after discovering that, following years of viewing the action from the comfort of the presidential box at Reymonta, he now must to find a new place to sit. Adding insult to injury, he was informed of this new situation not by phone, by email or even by SMS; rather by staff members upon his casual arrival at Reymonta for a match.

Fedorowicz, Wisła Representatives, and many others involved have been taking to the internet in order to air their grievances or to ‘set the record straight’ from their own personal point of view. Although it is uncertain as to the absolute truth of Senator Fedorowicz’s unceremonious evacuation from his privileged seating, it is clear that this decision has certainly created quite the controversy. For now, the ball lies in the court of Wisła Sports Association and its new board members.   [naszemiasto]

CULTURE: Conrad Festival

Once more, the time of year has come when Krakow is descended upon by assorted authors, prominent prosers and literature lovers alike. The Conrad Festival (largest international literary festival in Poland), hopes  to ‘crank up the pace’ with the theme of ‘intensity’  utilized as a guide for this years activities.  A long cast of visiting authors along with a diverse assortment of readings, films, discussions, meetings, and even doodling grace the programme for 2016, a real page turner.

Named in honour of Joseph Conrad, one of Poland’s most well renowned authors, this celebration of books and their readers can further be explored on their official website

Kicking off this Monday, this chapter of the The Conrad festival comes to an end on October 30.  [LoveKrakow]

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