Krakow News 27 August 2016: A fire and a murder / CIty bikes renamed


A fire and a murder

On Wednesday night a fire broke out in the Piast area of Nowa Huta. The fire was no ordinary fire. Police soon found a resident of the building who had been shot, possibly shortly before the fire. Police now suspect one of the men evacuated from the building during the fire was the culprit himself. The fire affected a total of 21 people.

Ready to rent a Wavelo?

The people have spoken.

Two weeks ago we reported about a survey on ZIKiT’s site to rename the city bike system. Wavelo won with overwhelming support. The new name will be featured on new BikeU stations that are set to group in mid-October with 5 new stations will be scattered around the city. ZIKiT hopes to release a new logo soon.

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