Krakow News 10 July 2016: WYD stage goes up, Skawina fight turns deadly

picture courtesy of Radio Krakow
picture courtesy of Radio Krakow

WYD stage goes up

Work on the stage for the World Youth Day event has started. The alter and stage will be used for a concert included a full choir, as well as the Youth portion of the festival. The stage will be 145 m wide and will be decorated with the official World Youth Day colors. [Radio Krakow]

Skawina: fight turns deadly

Last night in Skawina a violent fight resulted in the death of a 28 year old man. 6 people were arrested in connection tot he crime, 2 of these men were injured from the fight and were taken to the hospital. Police are still unsure of the motive for the attack. [Radio Krakow]



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