Krakow News 1 June 2016: WYD terrorism threat, Drunk driver wakes up Nowa Huta

Tram 25 in Nowa Huta in 1991

US Department of State: terrorist threat during WYD

This summer Europe will be hosting events attracting people from all over the world: Euro 2016, Tour de France, and Krakow’s own World Youth Day, just to name a few. Due to this the US Department of State has issued a statement to its citizens that they believe there may be a threat of a terrorist attack in Europe this summer. While they do not have any information that such will take place, they advise citizens to exercise caution while traveling. [Love Krakow]

Driver wakes up neighbourhood

On Tuesday morning police were called to one of Nowa Huta’s neighborhoods after complaints from numerous households of a loud car horn going off. When the police reached the scene they discovered an intoxicated man in his car who was wanted for a hit a run earlier that night. The man was unable to exit the car and had passed out on top of his car horn, waking up residents in the process. [LoveKrakow]



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