Krakow News 16 May 2016: City buildings to stop burning coal, Carsharing program


Carsharing program to launch

Krakow’s city officials plan to launch a campaign urging residents to rent electric cars. 100 electric cars and 70 charging spots would roll out for the program, however details are not known as of yet. They hope that this system of car sharing will help reduce the pollution in the city.

Details on the project will be announced on June 30th. [Radio Krakow]

City buildings: no coal by 2018

In 79 of the buildings that belong to the city you can find coal burners. Officials are working on a program that would aim to eliminate all non-ecological methods of heating. Of the previously mentioned 79 buildings, 18 will either be sold or demolished leaving the city 61 buildings. While these few buildings only make up for 1.6% of the buildings burning coal in the city, officials aim to set an example. A deadline in 2018 has been set to remove all of the coal burners in the city owned buildings. [LoveKrakow]



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