Krakow News 03 May 2016: New bookstore in Krakow / Volunteer crisis for WYD / Zakopiańska construction


New bookstore in Krakow

Many locals may be able to spot the “Księgarni pod Globusem” book store near the Basztowa Lot bus & tram stop. The founders of the book store are planning on opening “Księgarnia pod Szesnastką” on Daszyńskiego 16 Street. After they heard of the closing of the “Głównej Księgarni Szkolnej” on the same street they decided to keep its spirit alive and open a book store in its place, but something more also. They hope that the new location will also serve as a culture center, focusing on kids. The new bookshop will open on June 4th with workshops and events for children. [Love Krakow]

WYD: Volunteers needed

Recently we reported on the lack of volunteers for World Youth Day in July. The original deadline to apply and pay to volunteer was in April, however organizers of the event have since moved the deadline. This marks the second time the deadline has been moved, prospective volunteers now having time till the end of May to sign up. Anyone can sign up as long as you will turn 18 by June 30th, and can pay for one of the volunteer packets. The cheapest packet runs at 50 PLN and the most expensive to 300 PLN, while participants of the event pay from 190 PLN to 760 PLN. [Love Krakow]

Zakopiańska: the worst is over

For weeks the road works on Zakopiańska Street has caused stress and inconvenience for residents. According to reports however the worst is over. Representatives of ZIKiT have stated that since they have made the project a priority in the region, they have finished it two weeks earlier than planned. All that’s left right now minor adjustments to the roads. [Radio Krakow]



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