Krakow News 2 April 2016: municipal police and ‘hejnał’ / “Modern” hand out constitution / Protest against new abortion law


A different kind of ‘hejnał’

Today a municipal police officer played the ‘hejnał’ anthem from the tower near the St. Mary’s Basilica. This change of tradition was to mark the 25th anniversary of the municipal police in Krakow. Łukasz Hałaszuk played the tune from the tower,  who has been with the municipal police for a few years now. [Radio Krakow]

“Modern” hand out constitution

Members of the political party “Modern” (original: Nowoczesna) took the streets of Krakow today where nearly 1000 copies of the constitution were handed out during this outing. The group was also collecting signatures for a petition addressed to Prime Minister Szydło. The petition focuses on the recent decisions made to change the constitution. [Radio Krakow]

Protest against new abortion law

Tomorrow at 2:00 pm Cracovians will gather near the Adam Mickiewicz monument on the Main Square to protest the possible new law for an absolute ban on abortion in Poland. This new law would also outlaw prenatal tests for pregnant women as well as investigate women’s miscarriages to determine whether or not they were a result of natural causes or not. [Wyborcza]




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