Global Enterprise Week in Krakow

One morning in November, instead of the usual sounds of typing and the sipping of coffee, the Krakow Post HQ was filled with laughing children, as 27 members of the second grade class from Public School nr 72 piled into the offices.

No, the recession has not caused the paper to moonlight as a day care centre (yet). Rather, the visit was part of the “Swiatowy Tydzien Przedsiebiorczosci” or Global Enterprise Week, in which groups of pupils (along with their teachers) visit local businesses all around Poland.

The week was set up with the idea of showing young children what a working environment looks like, and to get them interested in various business fields they might otherwise not have any contact with. On that note, the staff of the Post encouraged the youngsters to make their own newspapers, which turned out some rather creative results.

In Krakow, participating companies included businesses from the U.S., the UK, France, Zimbabwe, and Poland. The week of the 10-14th of November saw participation from 92 firms signed up for the programme throughout Poland.

More information about the Global Enterprise Week can be found at their website:

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