Krakow Local News: Friday, 26 February 2016


Pope to receive key to city

New information reveals that the Pope will receive the key to the city, but breaking tradition he won’t have his ceremony in front of the St. Mary’s Basilica. He will accept the key in the curia near Franciszkanska 3. Pope Francis will most likely visit the Main Square church for the ending ceremony of World Youth Day. [Wyborcza]

New CCTV cameras before WYD

Two years ago a Krakow referendum decided to expand the area’s surveillance, which also started a special Security Centre. Part of the referendum will be installing 20 CCTV cameras around the city before World Youth Day. Municipal police and public transport operatives will control the cameras and have access to them. [Love Krakow]

Mine accident near Krakow

On Thursday a 35-year-old miner was killed in a fatal accident while grinding heavy metals. The accident took place at the Jania mine in Lesser Poland. Experts from the mine are working on an internal investigation concerning the accident. [Interia]

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