Krakow Local News: Thursday, 28 January 2016

Commuters to experience changes

Starting the 30th of January buses servicing Krakow will undergo a few changes. The changes will affect ten bus lines. The routes of six lines will be affected: 201223253263273 and 283. Lines 233 and 213 will also go through some changes concerning their starting and end points. Holiday times and dates will be added to the 235 line as well. []

Islam Day in Krakow Church

Today at 15:30 the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Krakow will be hosting an “Islam Day” event. The church hopes the event will show that there is no direct link between Islam and terrorism. The church is located on Wszystkich Świętych 5 Square. []

Store shut down under drugs suspicion

A store in the center of Krakow was shut down under suspicion of selling designer drugs illegally. The store mainly sold video games, but when police searched the premises they found around 140 packs of the drug. The police are waiting confirmation that the drugs do indeed contain psychotropic substances. []

Smog to come before weekend

Krakow is currently enjoying cleaner air, but there are chances that tomorrow thick smog will take over Krakow. It is suspected that tomorrow the PM10 levels will be more than the norm. Always protect yourself during dangerous smog periods.  []





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