Media Markt presents most expensive MP3 player in Poznan

The most expensive MP3 player in the world was presented last weekend at Media Markt in Poznan. This little thing, worth almost 80,000 zloty, has all the usual parameters and functions: it supports MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/ASF audio files, has an OLED screen, two gigabyte of memory, a battery life of 25 hours, an equalizer and USB 2.0. It can also be used as an FM radio and small voice recorder.

But what really make this player so special, is its exterior. The casing of this luxurious gadget (or perhaps better to call it a piece of jewelry) is cast in 750 gold (18 karat) and adorned with 63 diamonds.

The player is also decorated with a small chain that includes aquamarine gems. This one-off masterpiece was created by audio and storage company TrekStor on a special order of Russian-Canadian billionaire Alex Shnaider, owner of the Midland Formula 1 team. Impressed by the TrekStor technology of the i.Beat organix MP3 player, he ordered this unique version. From the very beginning, it was supposed to be auctioned to benefit cancer research.

Shnaider thought that a spectacular exterior, together with its benefit to a worthwhile charity, would make it a ?must-own? item. But for the moment, few seem able to afford it. Nevertheless, TrekStor has recently decided to produce a limited series of this magnificent gadget.  The company feels that there is a potential market for those who would like to own the world?s most expensive MP3 player for its quality and especially its prestige. And as we have learned, so far there has been only one such person in Poland.

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