Poland wants training school for snipers

A center for marksmanship training, the first in Poland, is opening in Wedrzyn (Lubuskie, northwest Poland).

“The center is going to be ready on Feb. 18. We don’t know yet when the first candidates are going to come here,” said Capt. Szczepan Gbuszczak, a spokesman for the 17th Armored Regiment of Wielkopolska in the town of Miedzyrzecz in Lubuskie Voivodship.

The marksmanship courses will be attended by soldiers selected by their own units from throughout the country. Until now, marksmen were trained individually by a platoon commander.

In Wedrzyn, training will be conducted in several stages. Candidates will learn theory as well as practice their marksmanship. They will learn not only shooting but also camouflage, reconnoitering and everything about guns.

Nevertheless, shooting, including all types of machine-guns available in the Polish army, will be the main part of the training course.

“The courses will last all year long to prepare soldiers to work in every weather and climate condition,” Capt. Gluszczak said.

The Regiment of Miedzyrzecz is the first Polish unit of the land army in which a separate group of marksmen has been created.

The GROM special forces also have marksmen. However, the GROM commandos have quite different tasks than the soldiers in other divisions.

The 17th Regiment is one of the most exclusive units in the Polish land army. It is composed almost entirely of professional soldiers and has the newest, high-tech equipment, including Rosomak armored transporters.

Miedzyrzecz soldiers are part of the Polish contingent in Afghanistan. They also took part in the Iraq mission. Now they are preparing for a mission in Chad and will depart within a few days.

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