Krakow’s old promotion method sticks

Continuing the effort initiated last fall, the City Council has prepared another set of travel stickers for tourists to take with them as souvenirs of their stay in Krakow. The promotional stickers are designed by Andrzej Pagowski, one of the most famous Polish graphic artists.

“This is our proposal to return to the trend from the 1970s, when it was fashionable for people to collect labels from various travels and have them displayed on their luggage,” states Izabela Helbin, Director of the Office for Promotion and Marketing of Krakow.

Keeping in style with the first design, the new sticker depicts a silhouette of a girl wearing blue sunglasses, with her hair tied up and a sketch of the Barbican drawn across her. The figure is presented on a bright orange background.

Above the image reads the slogan “Krakow has a special place in my heart.” Eight thousand such travel stickers, 4,000 in Polish and 4,000 in English, are to be made available in hotels and hostels throughout the city.

Also by the same artist, the first poster-sticker from November 2007 portrays the silhouette of a man wearing a suit and pink glasses, on a light blue background and a sketch of St. Mary’s Cathedral. Ten thousand of these stickers were distributed in around 130 hotels and hostels in Krakow.

According to the Director, Pagowski will present two more motifs to the series in the nearest future.

Born in Warsaw in 1953, Pagowski is a graduate of Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, author of around one thousand posters for theatrical pieces, films, and art festivals, and, since 1990, creator of his own graphic studio and advertising agency, Studio P.

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