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10816071_824693350915864_333012145_n_2Dzień dobry. I’m Steven Hoffman, the Editor-in-Chief of the Krakow Post, Krakow’s only local English-language magazine and web portal for news, culture, events, politics, sport, food, history, interviews, and more.

The Krakow Post has been around for nearly a decade—older than MOCAK and the Bernatka footbridge with lovers’ locks on it. In an increasingly international city, the importance of having an English-language voice in the community is only growing.


That’s where you come in.

It’s always been a magazine by and for the local community, and now that we’ve relaunched our print version we need people to get involved more than ever.

So, are you a freelance writer or artist? Have you always wanted to be? Here are some of the areas we’re most interested in expanding and developing right now:

  • Timely, regular coverage of news items in Poland/Krakow which are important to our readers’ lives and interests
  • Insightful information and analysis about Poland’s unique, complex history and politics
  • Reviews and previews of Krakow’s rich cultural scene: music, art, literature, fashion, sport…
  • Tips and advice for foreigners immigrating to and living in Poland
  • Photographs, illustrations, graphic design, and creative art, which make our magazine truly come to life

Interested? Drop us a line below and let us know how you’d like to be involved


Steven Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief



Q: I’m in! How much do you pay? $$$

A: At the moment our funds are very limited and currently focused on getting the issue back into print, which will generate revenue and allow us to pay contributors. For now, though, our contributors (including me!) are volunteers who believe in the project, as they traditionally have been. (However, it might be possible to cover expenses incurred in reporting, like ticket prices for events.)


Q: Who reads the Krakow Post?

A: Who do you know in Krakow who speaks English? Immigrants/expats, visitors, Anglophone Poles, language students, academics, business leaders… Our website also receives a great deal of international traffic from people who are interested in Poland in the issues which affect it—whether they’re journalists, historians, Poles living abroad, Polonia, potential tourists/immigrants, or simply curious.


Q: Haven’t you heard that print media is dead?

A: The consistent popularity of our print magazine suggests otherwise. Anyway, though rags like Newsweek may suffer in competition with hundreds of other similar publications, do you know any other magazines that cover everything about Krakow in English? Plus we love smelling freshly printed paper. Don’t you?


Q: I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s right for the Krakow Post.

A: Great! Get in touch and we can talk.


Q: I want to contribute, but my English isn’t perfect/I’m not a writer…

A: Nie ma problemu. That’s why we have editors and proofreaders.


Q: I want to be involved, but I don’t live in Krakow.

A: Some of our contributors live abroad. Get in touch and we’ll speak about how you can help.


Q: There’s something I’d like to see the Krakow Post cover, but it’s not in the magazine or on the list above.

A: We’re always open to new suggestions for what our readers are interested in.


Q: I’d like to reach the Krakow Post’s thousands of readers with an advertisement.

A: Fantastic. See our advertising information here.


Q: I don’t have anything to advertise, but I’m still interested in sponsoring the Krakow Post with a financial contribution.

A: Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and, if you like, we would be happy to recognize you for your dedication to local journalism. Please see our donation page here.


Q: Who own the Krakow Post?

A: Lifeboat Limited (UK), the same folks behind the nonpareil Local Life city guide franchise and EatAway, an innovative social platform which connects hungry travelers and local home cooks.


Q: I have a different question. Also, less than half of these are actual questions. I thought you said this was a FA“Q”.

A: Fire away. And we’re not sorry.

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