Jun 152014
OMGKRK Summer Jam, Party of the Year

It promises to be the biggest and best party of the year, bringing Krakow’s famously energetic and inventive tech and start-up community together with the city’s equally unorthodox artistic circles. The #OMGKRK Summer Jam will take place on Wednesday, June 18, from 21:00 at Forum Przestrzenie. It’s the second such gathering organised by the loose association of techies, hackers, designers and freelance paradigm smashers operating under the gloriously nerdy OMGKRK hashtag. The first OMGKRK party, a Christmas bash also held at Forum Przestrzenie, was a huge success, attracting around 700 guests with the bare minimum of pre-planning and formal marketing. It was an event that emerged almost spontaneously from the vivacity of the communities involved, and the second incarnation promises to be even bigger and better. This is not to say that a lot of work didn’t go on behind the scenes. Local start-up incubators Hub:raum, Innovation Nest and Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow threw their weight […]

Mar 132014
Krakow Tech Heads Help Transform Lives

Disadvantaged people have every reason to toast the success of a charity drive that brought IT experts together in Krakow. Talented software App developers got in the inventors’ saddle for a 48-hour non-stop Hackathon in aid of needy communities, and came up trumps. Seven teams created innovative smart technology tools to help transform the lives of disadvantaged people in Poland and worldwide. First place in the Krakow hack4good event at the creativestyle office in Zabłocie went to a team that developed a mobile App allowing blind people to obtain real-time audio information about bus and tram journeys. Runners-up also perfected a mobile App enabling deaf people to send an emergency SMS message via the 112 service to call for help. This second-placed winning tool is set to be rolled out across Poland in the summer. Third place went to the creators of an App intended to send urgent text message requests for help to registered blood […]

Nov 232012
The 3D Printing Revolution Comes to Krakow

An article in The Economist argued that digitisation in manufacturing will have a disruptive effect every bit as powerful as digitisation has been in the telecoms, photography, music, publishing and film industries. Are we seeing the dawning of a third industrial revolution…?

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