Nov 162016
Krakow News 16 November 2016:  Leonard Cohen Memorial/ PhD, Human Rights Scandal / Body Discovered on Rzemieślnicza

CULTURE: Krakow Sings Goodbye to Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen’s famous baritone has been the soundtrack and the mirror to heartache, love and loss for generations. His earnest poetry has allowed those who could not otherwise find the words of their soul both to   celebrate marriage and to mourn at funerals. His words will be used once more in this way, to bridge the gap between heart and mind, as those so touched are given an opportunity to pay final tribute to the recently deceased This coming Sunday, the market square will be lit with candles upon upturned faces as local fans meet in remembrance of the legendary singer. Cohen’s music will fill the air as those who wish to say goodbye are invited to join together to sing ‘Hallelujah’, one of his most well-loved pieces. Leonard Cohen’s passing on November 7 was not unexpected as he reached the age of 82 and had been, for some time, fighting cancer. Five months previous to […]

Nov 082016
Krakow News 8 November 2016: Presidential Assassination by Chair / Bye Bye to XXI?  / Podgorze Parking Protest

POLITICS: Presidential Assassination by Chair Throughout history, many have found political discussions to be quite wooden, indeed, trying their best to avoid them. However on March 3, 2015 during the course of a Pre-election rally, former President Bronisław Komorowski found himself trying to avoid a chair. Marek Majcher, A self-proclaimed activist in opposition to right-wing politics, began the attack with an assassination on the Ex-President’s character –hurling ‘abusive’ words at the stage. Mr. Majcher’s next action was to hurl a chair at the stage, swinging at Mr. Komorowski with the furniture, as plainclothes police officers swarmed in and arrested him. A subsequent court case has taken place over the past year, which accuses Marek Majcher of attempted assassination. Mr. Marek believes himself to be embroiled in a conspiracy, stating that “The whole thing from beginning to end was provoked and doctored by the police”. The final hearing took place on November 4th with the ultimate judgement being handed down […]

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