Dec 212016
Krakow News 21 December 2016: Krakow Stands In Solidarity With Berlin / Retirement Age Lowered / More Protest against PiS

CRIME: Krakow Stands In Solidarity With Berlin Tauron Arena, standing illuminated by the colours of the German flag, and the Krakow City Office, with their own German flag hanging beside the Polish one, are sending Krakow’s message of compassion across the border. On Monday evening in the capital city of Berlin, a truck bearing Polish license plates ploughed into the festive crowd at a Christmas market. Twelve people were killed in the attack, while nearly fifty were injured. According to reports, the driver of the vehicle has been named as a 23 yr old immigrant from Pakistan. The car is believed to have been stolen as the dead body of it’s Polish owner was found in the back of the truck. Angela Merkel has stated that she believe it to be an act of terrorism. Yesterday at noon, Polish truck drivers across the country honked their horns in commemoration of their fallen comrade. [Radio Krakow] HEALTH: The Retirement Age Has Been Lowered After three years of protest […]

Dec 202016
Krakow News 20 December 2016:  PiS Pelted With Eggs / Xmas Tram Changes / Orphanage for Unwanted Christmas Trees /

POLITICS:  PiS Pelted With Eggs By Protesters It may be unsurprising to some that PiS have once more ended a day with egg on their faces – but this time it’s not a metaphor. As PiS leaders such as Jarosław Kaczyński attended the re-funeral for the previously exhumed presidential couple at Wawel Hill, protesters also attended to them. On Sunday evening, around 100 anti-government protesters attempted to block first the entry and later the exit of PiS members. Holding signs that bore the phrase ‘Go to hell’, specifically addressed to Kaczyński, demonstrators sat and even lay on the road in order to block passage. As police attempted to oppress the crowd, PiS members were able to gain entry to Wawel Hill. This did not discourage the protesters who waited patiently for the politicians’ re-emergence in order to ensure that their voices were heard. Ultimately, the PiS members managed to circumvent the blockade and escape into their waiting limousines on Ul. Podzamcze. However, this […]

Dec 152016
Krakow News 15 December 2016: Carols in the Foothills / Terrorism & SIM Card Registration / Alchemist Causes a Stink

CULTURE: Christmas Carols in the Foothills Krakow is coming to life in preparation for the biggest holiday of the year. Twinkling lights frost lamp posts and buildings, sprawling markets and ice rinks seem to appear from nowhere as Christmas carols help the snowflakes to dance through the air. The respective air of both Podgorze and Nowa Huta will soon be filled with these festive melodies as between the 17th & 23rd of this month, they will play host to veritable Christmas Carolathons. Nowa Huta kicks off its caroling with a concert of folk song rearrangements.  In the following days, popular local artists will take to the stage – Joanna Słowińska and Agnieszka Chrzanowska (18.12), Basia Stępniak-Wilk (19.12), and Magdalena Bożyk (22.12). But thats not all for Nowa Huta; to compliment the carols, the stage will also see groups of children from schools around the city come to perform their own special nativity plays. Podgórze’s market square will transform […]

Dec 132016
Krakow News 13 December 2016: 35th Anniversary of Martial Law / Krakow Mountain Festival / New Archbishop for Krakow

HISTORICAL: 35th Anniversary of Martial Law in Poland After years of turmoil within the ever-changing Polish borders, on December 13th 1981 – the Solidarity movement was crushed, the iron curtain was further drawn and Poland was placed under martial law. On a Sunday morning at 6am, General Wojciech Jaruzelski  took to the radio to inform the Polish people of the decree of the State Council to commence martial law throughout the country. Throughout the night, Communist authorities had already begun to round up activists, arresting those connected with the Solidarity movement or presenting any kind of opposition. A few days after the official introduction of martial law and approx. 5,000 people were being held across 49 detention centers.  In the enormous military-police effort to take total control of mind and matter, a total of 70,000 soldiers, 30,000. policemen, 1,750 tanks, 1,900 combat vehicles and 9,000 cars were employed. Today, the Polish people look back with complexity on the events that took place all too recently. […]

Dec 012016
Krakow News 1 December 2016: Smog Spy Drones / Hundreds of Public Housing Tenants Ousted / Another Person Fell Down A Well

ENVIRONMENT: Smog Spy Drones To Locate Polluters Krakow Councillors have drafted a proposal to enlist the help of robotic drones in fighting smog. It has been suggested that the futuristic flying machines could be equipped with special sensors to help them to track down people burning garbage in their homes. The drones would circle the city, monitoring rooftops and chimneys, detecting when there were harmful substances present in the smoke and registering the location. This idea will be tested until September 2019 when it is hoped to compliment newly introduced hard-line restrictions on burning. Whether commercial factories with their huge chimneys billowing enormous clouds of smoke will be under the scrutiny of the drones remains unclear. [onet] COMMUNITY: Hundreds To Lose Their Houses In Krakow Public housing in Krakow has got itself into quite the pickle as years of overdue rent and a build up of back payments has now grown to an estimated debt of PLN 230 million. Public housing […]

Nov 302016
Krakow News 30 November 2016: This Winter: Two Thousand People Without A Home in Krakow

Two Thousand People Are Homeless in Krakow For The Winter In Krakow today, almost 2 thousand people are reported to be sleeping rough. With winter upon us it is now especially important for these people to find a safe place to keep warm. Many Cracovians hold the opinion that homeless people are so by choice, that they are scroungers, lazy and freeloading. They wish to trick people into giving them money just so that they can drink and take drugs and never have to work. Some even believe that they are running a scam, living in nice houses and bringing in large amounts of cash through their swindling. Others see them as individuals, each with their life own story, personality, likes, dislikes, memories and dreams. Fellow humans who have perhaps had a terribly sad journey, often suffering too much physically or mentally to get back on their feet. Sometimes becoming so depressed that they completely give up […]

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