Oct 232014
Kraków And Edinburgh Celebrate Their Partnership With An Exhibition

Two of the most beautiful, historical and cultural cities in Europe, Kraków and Edinburgh, celebrate their long partnership agreement with the exhibition City Lights, pictures painted with lights.  Photographed by Alex Ingle, Edinburgh with Music by Paweł Odorowicz, Kraków. On October 21st, the opening of the exhibition took place in Metaforma Café (ul. Powiśle 11) with two very important guests: The  Right Honourable Donald Wilson, Lord Provost and Lord Lieutenant of Edinburgh, and Tadeusz Matusz, the Deputy Mayor of Kraków. During the event, Tadeusz Matusz welcomed the Scots and talked about the collaboration agreement signed between Kraków and Edinburgh in April 1995: “It is important that we can meet just because we like each other and we have this possibility in the frame of the European Union”. The Scotpipe Band with Donald Wilson, Tadeusz Matusz, Izabella Brodzinska and other authorities The Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Donald Wilson, talked with Krakow Post TV during the opening event about the partnership […]

Oct 232014
Language Exchanges in Kraków: Mówimy Po Hiszpańsku

It is a fact that Kraków likes Spanish culture. Its food, its people, its traditions, its language. If you disagree, you must only go to take a quick look at Mówimy po Hizspańsku meetings. Six months ago, a group of Spaniards working in Kraków decided to organise weekly gatherings.  Every Friday after work, these Iberians arranged to meet in a bar to have a drink and chat. But, what they wanted was local people to join them and extend the circle of friends. Living in Poland, they must take advantage of the country and interact with non-Spanish. That’s the reason why everyone who is interested on improving their Spanish language skills, learning about its culture or simply enjoying its people is more than welcome. Nowadays, about 60 people attend the events, sometimes over a hundred participants. And the organisers achieved their goal: those who attend aren’t only Spanish, but Polish, Latin American, Portuguese… even English or […]

Sep 242014
Language Exchanges In Krakow: Just Meeting

English meetings have always been a very popular way of improving language skills and meeting new people in Krakow. There are several gatherings that take place weekly in different bars, and the Krakow Post want to present some of them to you. Today, it’s Just Meeting, held every Friday at 8 pm in Kładka Cafe (ul. Mostowa 12). Just Meeting has been part of the Language Exchange Club since 2011. One of its founders, Andrzej explains how it was born:  “The idea behind it was to do something different than during usual English meetings. It was supposed to be flexible, free style, just a meeting of a group of people wanted to get each other to know, to talk and have a good time together.” In the beginning, Just Meeting had ‘suggested topics’ for discussion, such as art or philosophy, and they even organised cooking sessions and trips together. Nowadays, the meeting has evolved, as the […]

Sep 022014
Views on Scottish Independence From Krakow

With the referendum on Scottish independence looming, Krakow Post TV went along to the InterNations meeting in Krakow to get an international perspective on the issue of whether the Scots should break away from the United Kingdom. The InterNations gathering took place on the C.C. Stefan Batory – a floating restaurant and conference centre on the Vistula River on August 28. As always, people from many different nations currently living in Krakow were there to socialise and make new connections. The Krakow Post’s Managing Director, David McGirr – himself a Scot and a firm supporter of Scottish independence – asked a few of those assembled about their views. Most of the Poles asked, agreed that independence was a good idea for Scotland. Beata Maaga, who has lived in The United Kingdom, is convinced: “Scotland would do much better if it was independent.” On the other side, Evan DeBarra from Ireland would vote no: “I can understand […]

Nov 252013
Krakow Post TV: Best Krakow Pubs

Another new show from Krakow Post TV, as we undertake the arduous task of finding the best pubs in Krakow. First on the agenda is Omerta Pub and More – a great favourite of the Krakow Post team thanks to its amazing range of craft beers, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff…

Nov 242013
Krakow Post TV: Krak Pot

In October, we launched Krakow Post TV – a YouTube channel that will feature all sorts of news, reports and fun films about our city and the people who live here. Our flagship is the Krak Pot – a cooking and chat show in which we have dinner with a group of interesting characters, and learn to cook something

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