Aug 292014
Real Wine Guy: How to Make Natural Wine

Old traditions in winemaking have, unfortunately, been replaced by modern manipulations that render many wines alike, no matter their origin – manipulations and additions that sterilise a wine, taking away any sense of place. I was raised in California, where it was not uncommon to eat organic food back in the 1970s but, ironically, the last place on earth to produce natural wines. In 2003, I moved to Norway and soon began running a popular wine bar. In 2008, I studied at the Gastronomic Institute in Oslo. I tasted, tasted and tasted again, until I understood what wine was saying to me. I soon noticed a pattern. My favourites were the ones produced by small, independent winemakers working traditionally and without chemicals or additives. In January of 2009, I began to work for a small restaurant where I focused exclusively on natural wines – the first wine program of it’s kind in Norway. It was controversial […]

Jun 132014
The Real Wine Guy: Natural Wine in Poland

Get ready – the natural wine phenomenon is about to hit Poland. Natural wine? It means wine made with grapes, and nothing else. The natural wine credo is absolutely no chemical intervention and minimal technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into the good stuff. On June 16, Krakow will welcome a legend of the natural wine world, Frank Cornelissen, and some of the most interesting and sought after natural wines to reach the Polish market. Frank is a Belgian-born winemaker whose search for the perfect terroir led him to the active volcano of Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily about 14 years ago. A fervent non-interventionist, Frank says his winemaking avoids: “all possible interventions on the land we cultivate, including any treatments, whether chemical, organic, or biodynamic – all these are a reflection of the inability of man to accept nature as she is and will be.” In the EU, a bottle of […]

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