Jun 112012
Best Burgers in Krakow For Euro 2012 Fans

There’s a major football tournament going on and you’re in Europe’s most beautiful city, but the really good news is that Krakow is also home to one of the world’s greatest burger bars – MoaBurger. The idea of gourmet burgers is relatively new in this country, where a scorched…

Sep 022011
Fork Out: A Culinary Tour of Małopolska

It is always interesting to see Polish culture through foreigners’ eyes, so when the Krakow Post was contacted by a US company offering culinary holidays in Poland, I was intrigued. Run by Małgorzata Rose, a Pole who emigrated to the US many years ago, her travel company takes visitors on guided culinary tours of different regions of Poland. I joined her and three of her guests for a couple of days on a tour she had organised in Małopolska. Before I joined them, the itinerary seemed to be packed solid (i.e. not my kind of holiday) but it covered all the important aspects, as well as a few things that were new to me. First stop was the Pierogi Festival. When I first heard that this was on the itinerary, I have to admit my heart sank. The memory of the rather underwhelming ‘Lato Leniwców’ (Sloth’s Summer) the previous weekend was still fresh in my mind […]

Jul 142011
Fork Out: Summer Hangouts

Looking back on my column from this time last year, I am struck by how there now seem to be a lot more interesting places to go than there were back then. Krakow’s Old Town has always been stuffed full of cafes but, until recently, it seemed to boil down to a choice of the super-traditional, grungy student bars, tourist traps or a handful of old favourites. Now there are a small number of quirky, independent places popping up that are worth trying out. One example is Wine Garage Bar, Kitchen & Shop on ul. Poselska 20, which opened a few months ago. It’s run by Mariusz and Agnieszka who also run Wine Garage on ul. Józefitów up near the radio station. They’re independent importers of organic and biodynamic wines from small, mainly European winemakers and their tiny wine bar in the middle of town comes with a kitchen where Agnieszka turns out light, fresh food […]

Jun 052011
Fork Out: Food Festivals

We’re heading into festival season and you might be forgiven for wanting to plan ahead so you don’t miss anything interesting. But, as ever in Krakow, it’s not that easy. For some strange reason we seem to excel at pop-up food and wine festivals – they appear overnight and without warning, like mushrooms. Blink and they’re gone. To give you an example: at the end of May, a wine festival suddenly appeared on the Mały Rynek. Winemakers from Hungary, Austria, Moravia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia set up their wares, together with cheese makers and other food producers, to bring a bit of Magyar culture to Krakow. It looks interesting and it will be worth exploring, but until I walked across the Mały Rynek by chance on my way home, I had no idea it was happening. I’m not complaining – coming across something unexpected is part of the charm of living here – but I […]

May 062011
Fork Out: Slow Food Krakow Style

Are you interested in knowing where your food comes from? Or a bit concerned about what exactly the pesticides that your food has been sprayed with are doing to your body? Or are wondering where you can get your hands on favourite vegetables currently unavailable in Poland (butternut squash in my case)? Then read on. A new, Krakow-focused direct-from-the-farmer organic fruit and vegetable delivery scheme is about to get going for the 2011 season, and they need customers. The scheme was set up by a small group of organic farmers from the Rzuchowa area, 83 km from Krakow, who got together to offer an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme that they started last year. For a minimum order of around 80 złoty they will deliver direct to your door in Krakow once a week, but if you’re willing to go and pick up your shopping at a central drop-off in Krakow, you can buy much […]

Apr 052011
Fork Out: Protecting Local Brands

I’m breaking a rule here and revisiting a subject from the not too distant past: bread. In early March it was announced that Prądnicki bread from Krakow had been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the European Union. It sounds like good news, doesn’t it? But in many ways, the hard work for the producers, who have been waiting for this news for three years, starts now. A quick recap: back in the 15th century Prądnicki bread was made by the bakers of the Prądnik district in Krakow for the local clergy, who loved its chewy rye taste, springy texture and long lasting freshness. These huge, almost 5kg loaves (it seems that there were large numbers of priests in those days and they were pretty hungry) could be found at the Stary Kleparz market up until the late 1920s. A few years ago Antoni Madej, a local Krakow baker, decided to recreate Prądnicki bread after […]

Mar 092011
Fork Out: Rumours of the New

It sometimes seems that Krakow’s cafes and restaurants conform to one of a handful of generic types. For example, there is the classic Central-European-coffee-house look (think Kawiarnia Europejska or Szara), the fake trattoria/karczma/country style (U Babci Maliny, Morskie Oko, Farina), the dark and the grungy (Alchemia, Dym) or the could-be-anywhere bland (take your pick from the coffee shop chains). It is, therefore, a bit of a shock when something new defies these stereotypes and injects some welcome freshness. I have a couple of places in mind. The first is Karma, a cafe that opened up on ul. Krupnicza in December. The interior is the first thing you notice — it is unlike anywhere else in the city, and I mean that in a good way. It is modern, light and airy but not impersonal, and has wide oak-topped tables and cushioned benches. They thoughtfully provide current newspapers and magazines and a well-equipped play corner for kids. […]

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