Apr 172013
Spring Clean Your Body and Mind: Food

There are many small businesses providing healthy food in Krakow, and some of the best are listed below. Remember, even if their Facebook pages don’t include a word of English, they’ll be more than capable and happy to provide you with comprehensive information…

Oct 122012
Drop In: Kaze

Sushi restaurants have been springing up around Poland like proverbial mushrooms in the past couple of years, and Krakow is no exception. The newest addition to the scene is Kaze (‘Wind’ in Japanese), which styles itself as a traditional Japanese restaurant serving authentic cuisine as opposed to just sushi. I blew through to find out if this was any different to the slew of sushi bars around town, or a case of the emperor’s new clothes. With a Polish/ Japanese husband and wife team running it, fresh from nine years in Japan, I had high hopes. On entering the cellar bar (slightly out of town, tucked away on a side-street off ul. Karmelicka), one is immediately transported to the Orient; all red, black and white drapes, stylish bean-bags, low black tables and lower lighting, the design is spot-on. You can choose from a number of cosy niches which are hidden from the view of other customers. […]

Aug 062012
Love Life: Chewing Gum Under the Table

I love having friends over for dinner and drinks but have become increasingly disillusioned by the lack of manners. One left his wad of chewing gum, on my dining room table. Another refuses to remove his shoes, and mocks me for wanting him to. I seldom/never get invited back…

Dec 022011
Love Life: Modern Day Vampires

Dear Dr. Ovlowska, I just moved to Krakow. It has been hard to meet people, but I’m trying. Last week I met a nice boy whom I would describe as a loner type. He smokes, is an artist and seems cerebral and mercurial. We met a few times and everything seemed to be going very well. Then, I lost touch with him. He’s always online, but never messages or calls me anymore. I haven’t been messaging or calling him incessantly. This is not the first time this has happened. What went wrong? Yours Truly, Marla Schlimazelubovitch (p.s. I created the name. ‘Marla’ was my last cat, ‘schlimmazel’ is Yiddish for ‘bad luck’ and ‘lub’ is ‘love’ in Slavic) Dear Marla, Bad news! Stay away! Sound the alarm bells and tell all your cute, bright girlfriends to do the same when they meet this kind of classic, brooding, intellectual ‘artist.’ You clearly have both wit and intelligence. […]

Oct 182011
Love Life: Not Just for Polish Lovers

Dear Dr. Ovlowska, I came to Poland nearly four years ago to be with my boyfriend. We haven’t married and I am beginning to wonder if it would be wise for us to stay together at all. We argue a lot and he no longer pays me the attention he used to. I’m afraid if we get married he will be even less considerate towards me. What am I going to do? I have a really good job here but… is there such a thing as Mister Right? Yours In Doubt Dear In Doubt, Congratulations! You are still fighting – this is a good sign. You are alive and you have found the man who can help you grow. And vice-versa. In the first split second when we walk into a room full of potential long-term lovers we act like heat detectors, zooming in on precisely the person who will push all our buttons, the one […]

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