Mar 102017
Local organizations share, network, and laugh at "One Krakow: Community Showcase"

Coinciding with the city of Krakow’s Multicultural Festival as part of its ‘Otwarty Krakow’ (‘Open Krakow’) initiative, several local organizations collectively organized ‘One Krakow: Community Showcase’ at Pauza in Garden. It was a chance for attendees to share their projects, network with each other, and exchange ideas. Among the events: Collaborate, Krakow spoke about organizing volunteer activities for English speakers in Krakow so that they can give back to their adopted home. Genealogy service Your Roots in Poland and innovative social dining platform Eataway discussed their projects in the community. Emilia Meres of FuckUp Nights Krakow spoke about the global and local movement in which participants aim to celebrate and learn from failure and have fun doing it. TEDxKazimierz gave a taste of the local meetups they host for “ideas worth spreading.” Krakow Standup Comedy and Talking Dog International provided the evening’s entertainment and further opportunities for idea-sharing. Nothing further is planned at the moment under the ‘One […]

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