Jun 152014
OMGKRK Summer Jam, Party of the Year

It promises to be the biggest and best party of the year, bringing Krakow’s famously energetic and inventive tech and start-up community together with the city’s equally unorthodox artistic circles. The #OMGKRK Summer Jam will take place on Wednesday, June 18, from 21:00 at Forum Przestrzenie. It’s the second such gathering organised by the loose association of techies, hackers, designers and freelance paradigm smashers operating under the gloriously nerdy OMGKRK hashtag. The first OMGKRK party, a Christmas bash also held at Forum Przestrzenie, was a huge success, attracting around 700 guests with the bare minimum of pre-planning and formal marketing. It was an event that emerged almost spontaneously from the vivacity of the communities involved, and the second incarnation promises to be even bigger and better. This is not to say that a lot of work didn’t go on behind the scenes. Local start-up incubators Hub:raum, Innovation Nest and Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow threw their weight […]

Mar 132014
Krakow Startup TV

Krakow’s bustling start-up scene has attracted a lot of attention, and not a little cash, to the city in the past couple of years – and now it has its own English-language YouTube channel: Krakow Start-up TV. Produced by Paul Pearson, of Red Viper Media, the show consists of 10- to 15-minute episodes featuring interviews with the movers and shakers of the Krakow start-up scene, plus coverage of events and meetings. “The idea for KSTV came from a chance meeting with blogger Paul Chen at an InterNations event back in the summer,” said Paul Pearson, “He told me about his start-up news blog, K’Sup, which made me think about creating a web TV series. A few weeks later, we met to bounce around the idea, and Krakow Start-up TV was born.” Agnieszka Wywiał interviews Ian Scarffe, Rafał Bugaj and Damian Słuja, the co-founders of student social media site BaseConnect.org The shows are presented by Agnieszka Wywiał. […]

Jan 022014
Auctioning Off Land in Krakow

Despite this strong finish to last year for the city, the results of land auctions in 2013 have been mixed. It is well documented that the City of Krakow has had a tough time balancing its budget and this has not been helped by the poor results of attempts to auction city land…

Dec 132013
Talking Business with the Dalai Lama

On September 16, I had the honour of meeting and speaking with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet at a private audience in Prague, Czech Republic. With a few dozen business leaders and their families in attendance, it was a very rare opportunity to spend a few hours…

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