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Nov 112011
Independence Day Riots in Warsaw

Violent clashes have marred Independence Day celebrations in Warsaw. Riot police have used water cannon, tear gas and batons to break up pitched battles between groups of rival protesters. The trouble began when protesters describing themselves as ‘antifascist’ attempted to block the route to be taken by the traditional Independence Day Parade at around 13:00 this afternoon. Their intentions were known in advance and police were on the streets in force anticipating a violent reaction from nationalist groups who had pledged to ‘defend’ the march. ‘Antifascist’ and ‘anarchist’ groups managed to breach police lines and completely block ul. Marszałkowska prompting a change in the planned route of the march. It is unclear where the violence began. Comments on social networking sites indicate that participants in the Independence Day march, who dress in military costumes from Polish history, were pelted with missiles at around 13:30. Other unconfirmed reports suggest that the police attacked German antifascist demonstrators on […]

Oct 042011
TEDxKrakow: The New Normal

The second edition of TEDxKrakow will take place on October 20 at the Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow. Over the last eight months, the TEDxKrakow team have been working away on plans for this year’s event, the theme of which is: The New Normal. The 20 or so invited speakers have been asked to ponder how life is going to change, once the dust settles from the current global recession, the financial crisis and the various geopolitical changes happening around the world. They will explore what this ‘new normal’ will look like and what we’re going to have to get used to, particularly as new technologies become more embedded in our everyday lives. What makes it a particularly interesting event is that speakers will have no more than 18 minutes to get their idea across and in keeping with the TED format, there are no panels, Q&As, discussions or waffling. The speakers […]

Jul 032011
Weddings: Polish Style

Nowhere does weddings quite like Poland. Polish weddings are legendary for their sheer exuberance, scale and longevity. Traditional Polish weddings lasting two days, or more, and featuring crates of vodka and meals with a dozen courses are still common. With links between Poland and the other states of the EU becoming ever closer, romantic attachments between Poles and non-Poles are also becoming more common. Poland is now a popular choice of venue when these attachments lead to the altar. The Krakow Post spoke to Bożena Sobczak of, a Krakow company that specialises in organising weddings for foreign or mixed-nationality couples, to find out more. “Family, atmosphere and cost are the three reasons couples decide to get married in Poland,” said Bożena. “In the majority of cases, it is the bride who is Polish in mixed-nationality couples, and being with their family is very important to them on their wedding day. Cost is also a big […]

May 012011
European Youth Parliament in Krakow

Krakow is to host the 17th Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament in May. Around 130 delegates are expected in the city, between 5 and 10 May, to discuss the key political, social and economic issues affecting Europe. It will be one of the largest EYP events ever held in Krakow. The over-arching theme of the forthcoming event will be: ‘The EU seven years on from its biggest enlargement.’ According to the EYP Poland website the session will: “reflect primarily on the current state of the European Union and a discussion of the future. The assembled participants will analyze changes in the new countries of the Community. The EYP is an independent, educational project designed to promote constructive debate among young people from all European Union countries. Its stated aims are to raise awareness and understanding and encourage both personal development and international dialogue. The Polish branch is one of 35 affiliated associations which are […]

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