Mike Doherty

Jul 262014
Bull on the Page: The Camoron Tapes

It’s always fun to watch the political proverbial hit the fan and see how it plays out. Lately there’s been trouble between our rulers here and their counterparts in the UK. While I don’t agree with the international consensus that Sikorski is all that, I must admit he has some political nous in the global arena. Camoron, by contrast, has managed to paint himself into corners, most recently when trying to prevent the ascension of a new EU tsar. In a vote of 28 EU leaders, he managed to lose it by a mere 26–2. Sikorski’s opinion of his soul brothers has been interesting to listen to lately, waxing honestly on topics such as Poles right to UK benefits for their kids who may have never been there, courtesy of Wprost. In the secretly taped recordings, he damns the moron, not even with faint praise. “It’s either a very badly thought through move, or, not for […]

Jun 172014
Bull on the Page: The Players Exit the Stage

History is written by the victors. They that control the past, control the present. Even if they’re not secure in this, they still try to control the future too. The hand of history is heavy in these parts – Europe’s battleground over the centuries. Following a brief period of inter-war freedom, Poland was again carved up. From the latest chapter in regained freedom, we had an anniversary this last week. A celebration? Up to a point I guess. Personally, I feel it’s more about remembering those who fought and never saw the fruits of their struggle for liberty. On this stage tramp many players: goodies and baddies, right and wrong, saints and sinners. Was it not naïve of them darned commies to think that a godless religion could usurp 2000 years of Christianity, itself champion of the cuckoo’s art, which assimilated the sacred feast days of their pagan forebears. Communism in Poland? Like putting a saddle […]

Apr 092014
Bull on the Page: Fish and Chips

I was reflecting on the patriotic day of paddies in the aftermath of the latest carnage. This day is identifiable by four different monikers: St. Patrick’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day, Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day. Definitely not St. Patty’s or Patty’s Day. We of that far off isle do look forward to this day, despite having to prepare for some very stupid questions. No, we do not drink green beer on Paddy’s Day. No, I don’t know any stories about leprechauns. Want to gauge an Irish person’s opinion of questions about these little people? Watch how their eyes roll as their questioner’s own wheel away. A gritty, realistic drama about life in Ireland As I’ve mentioned previously, the theme pub is our greatest cultural export. Thanks to the Easter calendar, Paddy’s Day invariably takes place during Lent. If you’re a true, non-Irish believer, it must rankle that your brethren from the far western isle have official […]

Mar 072014
Bull on the Page: Putin's Secret?

I came back to town after four days with neither the Internet nor access to news of what’s been going on in the world. On their books of face, people were urging NATO, the EU, the UN etc. to stand up to Russian aggression in the Crimea. “It’s not just Crimea he’s after,” said one…

Feb 272014
Bull on the Page: The Almighty Angel

Toro was in town last week, on a four-day bender, determined to get totally smashowskied by Sunday night, so the obvious questions were ‘where’ and ‘when?’ He explained, in his own undiplomatic way, that from his experiences in Krakow, he’d become so used to being…

Jan 252014
Bull on the Page: The Czech Invasion

My favourite news story of 2013 has the be The Daily Currant’s reporting of Sarah Palin allegedly calling for an invasion of the Czech Republic on Fox News, because the chief suspects of the Boston bombings were Chechen. They did a grand job of ridiculing those who pushed…

Nov 232013
 Bull On the Page: A Modest Proposal

It is alarming to read of the ignorance of certain concerned citizens of our great city. Naturally, the pastime of complaining has its place, however misguided. Step forward Krakowski Alarm Smogowy (Krakow Smog Alarm), a ‘pressure group’ whose raison d’etre is to bring to the…

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