Martyna Wilde

Sep 042014
How a Rescued Dog Changed My Life

My name is Martyna, I live in Krakow and I am a big fan of dogs. I like them small, big, plain, quirky, four-legged or three-legged. I love them with two eyes or one, tail or no tail, young or old. I even love them when they are stinky and bad tempered (bad things happen to some dogs). Why am I telling you this? Because I want to share the story of how we gave a home to an abandoned dog from the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow (Schronisko dla Zwiarzat), and why you should too. If you have wanted to have a dog forever, but haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge; if you’ve been told that it’s just too much trouble, if you’ve been told that re-homing a dog is difficult for foreigners: read on – none of that is true. It took me five years to commit to getting a dog […]

Jul 202012
Fashion: White Stripes

The ultimate in ying and yang and one of fashion’s best loved looks, this bold motif first grabbed the attention of fashion followers in the 30s, and then, a few decades later, played a vital part in the Swinging London scene, which saw the boutiques of Carnaby Street chock-full of stripey…

Apr 162012
Fashion: Swap It!

Detox, refresh, pamper and de-clutter – now is the time to spring clean on all fronts, and your wardrobe is a great place to start. The great news is that a full closet overhaul won’t necessarily break the bank. How so? Because, I’m delighted to announce that the ‘swap party’ craze has hit Krakow…