Szymon Urbański

The Many Faces of Roman Polanski

A Polish perspective on the flawed director

Rock Against the Bloc

A look back at the intense days of sex, punks, and rock’n'roll in communist Poland

In Search of the Feathered Serpent

How Cracovian explorers revealed a royal tomb

Apr 022009
Plane Ignorance

British National Party in Polish Spitfire farce


Szymon Urbański reflects on a grim discovery in northern Poland

Feb 012009
Defying History?

Szymon Urbanski reviews Edward Zwick’s Defiance

Bronislaw Geremek: 1932 - 2008

A reflection on the life of the Solidarity hero, who died in a car accident near Nowy Tomysl on the 13th of July at the age of 76.