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Experts on Islam and Muslim activists came together for a panel at the Joseph Tischner European University in Krakow in July to share personal stories of the Muslim experience in Poland, and how it is changing with the influence of the Arab Spring.

“Muslims should feel as comfortable in Poland as they do in their native countries. But do they actually feel this way? Is it easy to be a Muslim in Poland and to practise Islam in our country?” asked Dr. Konrad Pedziwiatr, an associate professor at the university, who led the discussion titled: “Muslims in Poland: Do Muslims Feel at Home?”

The Małopolska region, which includes Krakow, is home to about 300 Muslim families. Between 25,000 and 40,000 Muslims live in Poland. People of Syrian, Egyptian and Turkish origin play an important role in the community organisations, said panel experts. Muslim communities have lived in Poland continuously since the 14th century when Tatars settled in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but many of the current Muslim population arrived after 1970.

Panelist Urszula Chlopicka-Khan, a Muslim Pole from Lublin, said of her experiences: “I am a Pole. There is more that connects me with Polish than with Arabic culture. I don’t think about whether I do or do not belong in Poland. This is my home. But there are people that want to chase me out and they tell me that straight out. Where am I supposed to go?”

Dr. Beata Abdallah-Krzepkowska, a Muslim Pole from Katowice who teaches at the University of Silesia said: “We are looked at as outsiders. This comes from a stereotype that a Pole is a Catholic – not necessarily true. It’s hard for some people to understand that we are at home. We’re not tied to any Muslim countries.”

Dr. Hayssam Obeidat, a Jordanian-born, Middle Eastern Studies professor at Jagiellonian University said of his own experiences: “I don’t meet discrimination. Many Muslims in Poland are well-educated, most of them are working, and do not meet discrimination at work or at university. I studied here, I get grants without problems. No one makes judgments as to me being an Arab or a Muslim. In my personal situation, I feel comfortable in Poland.”

However, Dr. Obeidat believes the general Polish attitude towards Muslims has become more aggressive, and that US attitudes affect Poles: “The US has a strong influence on Poles’ opinions. There was a change among Poles after Sept. 11.” Dr. Obeidat said that in 2003 he organised an Arab cultural event where: “We dressed students in hijab,” which includes a head scarf worn by some Muslim women, “and they met such aggression. Before, that attitude didn’t exist. After Sept. 11, I think Poles changed 180 degrees.”

Audience member Mahmoud Vahedian, 29, from Iran said he felt safe in Polish cities, but has experienced discrimination. He recounted an incident in which he and friends, one a Muslim woman wearing hijab, were harassed by “security guards” in Warsaw’s Old Town.

Dr. Pedziwiatr shared another experience of a Muslim woman in Poland, also wearing hijab: “One of the leaders of the Muslim community in Warsaw told me that a Muslim woman was on a tram when another passenger got off, saying, ‘I’m not sharing a space with terrorists.’” Part of the problem is that “most of the information Poles have about Islam comes from the media,” which in Poland frequently portrays Muslims as terrorists and plays off Muslim stereotypes, said Dr. Pedziwiatr.

But Polish attitudes towards Muslims may be changing again, particularly with Poles watching the Arab Spring. “The relationship between Poles and Muslims is dependent upon what’s happening abroad. The Arab Spring is an important event for Poles,” said Dr. Pedziwiatr. “They are following what’s been happening in the Arab world – that Muslims are normal people who want the same rights and freedoms as we do.”

Muslims’ situation in Poland is also improving with the growing visibility of Muslim activists. “Muslims are shaping the debates about Islam in Poland. This is something that didn’t happen before. The leadership of the community consists mostly of doctors, university professors, engineers. They are at the forefront of what’s going on.”

Panelist Musa Czachorowski, spokesperson for the Muslim Religious Union (Muzułmański Związek Religijny) and Chief Editor of Muzułmanie Rzeczpospolitej, said people outside Poland are often surprised there is a Muslim community here: “A friend was at a conference in Belgium a few years ago. The conference was about assimilation. There were Muslims from all over. My friend asked, ‘Why didn’t you invite Muslims from Poland?’” to which the shocked response was: “You have Muslims?”

Dr. Pedziwiatr said Muslim and Polish communities need to see and hear Muslim activists speaking on Muslim issues. “It’s a very complicated picture. It’s important to show that these people are real, that they have interesting things to say. The community is getting internal integration, and is starting to have leverage in public, political debates. The community is getting more organised.”

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  60 Responses to “Muslims at Home in Poland?”

  1. Please, please dont allow any more Muslims into Poland.And deport the one now in Poland. Muslims are will tell you there a religion of peace well look at the rest of Europe and there crime rates and whos doing thoes crimes. Poland isnt a rich country you cant afford a bunch of freedloading trouble makers who inbreed with first cousins causing retarted offspring that you must give medical care to. If they get into your education system they will fill your childrens up with lies and turn them against you. Dont believe me take a hard look at France or better yet Sweden. In Sweden there rapeing to death white women and getting away with it. Look you think living under the Russian Communist was bad well just wait under the Muslims will be truely terrible.I love Poland my grandparents were from Krakow and I have many cousins living in your city.I dont want to see Poland go thrrew hell again

    • Deara Susanna

      you have a very bad concept about muslims, Muslims are not bad at all, islam is the best religion on earth, and this is the only Reglion how give respect for woman, you know, basic teaching is this

      paradise is under the feet of your mother,(if your respect your mother, you love your mother, you serve your mother then you will get paradise)

      we donot leave our mothers when they are old, we love whole humanity

      if any one save one life, he save whole mankind, this is teaching of Islam.

      i hope you will reconsider your opinion, i lived in poland for two monthes with a family, and they loved me so much, i get only message of love from poland, thats why i love poland

      thank you

    • I’m from Kraków, actually you can’t spot muslim walking down the street. There are very few of them here. I can tell you that young people are extremly islamophobic, almost everyone here is racist. Also, you can’t support family living off a social money (welfare) from our goverment (like muslims do in rest of UE), because it’s not enough to even rent a flat.
      I’m pretty sure we will stop this madness because I can see that everyday we are more aware of problem with islam. I and my friends openly hate them and we don’t have any pressure like the rest of UE has to be tolerant.

    • Dear susanna king and many others who are agreed with these concerns

      i appreciate your concerns and feelings, anyone with little feeling and respect for their community would feel the same.

      but dont you think your words show so much anger and frustration and no respect to your fellow humans.

      for example: you know very well what British Thinks about Polish people in UK. if you dont know a lot about it, take my words for it, as i am Muslim British and can verify that they show more anger and frustrations about Polish people in UK, they believe these polish are taking their jobs and getting huge Benefits such as Job seekers allowance. housing benefits, income support etc

      Now do you think, we should hate polish people because British think like this
      off course NOT.

      we should not judge people or pass our judgements

      any one educated, with little knowledge and respect for themeless or others would never pass judgements based on what people think or say.

      I am sorry but i can confirm and verify that you know NOTHING or very little about Muslims
      please watch

      i hope you will change your mind.

      there is a one book called QURAN (the wisdom) (the awareness)
      this is a book which have changed many native Europeans, American’s life and believe

      if you have not read this BOOK, how can you be honest with yourself and pass any comments about group of people without knowing about them.

      you find this book in your own language and then decide any one who reads this book and lives his life according to this book can be a bad person.

      you are more than welcome to contact me or send me any of your angry questions directly to me and i will try to answer them with respect & passion.

      Remember one day we will all die.
      while we are on this planet we should not hate anyone

      do u think if British hate polish in UK is right, or
      do you think being polish if you hate Muslims is right?

      i hope my Allaha will reward me on the day of judgement for replaying to your anger & aggression with passion as any one can have anger but what makes us batter human, we should ask this question to ourselves.

      please pray for me all of you.

    • Dear Human being,

      Please do not generalize all Muslims in one Basket,Religion does not always change your personality,like love and hate,this is what you learn from your parent.The comments of hate you are portraying based on propaganda will saturate your heart with more hate and you will leave this planet having an ignorant view,Please study history and know for yourself the history of Muslim,for few Thugs who murders people in the name of Islam,they are not Muslim,they are enemy of Islam. From Adam,Moses,Jesus,David, and Muhammad prohibited hurting another Human being even in words because hurting one human being is equal to hurting all the Humanity(Muhammad).
      During Crusade it was the King of England who slaughtered women .Children ans Innocent people,Salahuddin the Muslim Leader offered his own Horse to the King( Salahuddin’s enemy) as his Horse was injured.In Spain Muslim preserved the secularism but please study the period of Queen Isabela and see what happened to Jewish people.Some of teh Major Science including Chemistry and Algebra came from Muslims.Please study,study and study and make your own judgement,Thank You.May the Craetor bless you with understanding and take off the hate you have for your fellow Humanbeing.

  2. dear susanna
    just to remind you the two major world wars that the history witness the muslim were not involved.over five million were dead and victim as a result ot the second world war and it was all chritians between them a muslim i always thought that war was an act of eivil but i had never blame christianity for this wars.christianity is a religion of peace as well as islam.






  4. hello everyone,

    i am polish and i am muslim woman, but does it mea thatn i can not live in poland?
    i was christian and (i’m sorry but i must laugh) really christianity is a religion of peace????????????
    if you (i mean evrybody who think that) would read in the history, you would find so much about
    crucades. they killed everyone… old people, women, children…
    muslim wariors saved so many lifes. they didn’t kill everyone, just wariors. not children, not women, not old people.
    i’m wondering, that noone says anything about George bush yet….. the biggest humans killer!!! look what usa did in his history vietnam Japan Iraq Afghanistan and even in the UK he was giving weapons to IRF against UK , Usa alone which a christine country killed in millions and they weep about few thousands muslim killers
    Now look is this even so called Jesus who were told be a loving god he says in your every own bible
    “those who do not accept my authority beheaded them in other words cut their throat ”
    Read your bible and then talk about other religious

    i would like to offer here help to everyone who would like to learn more about islam. together with my husband, who is born muslim, we can explain to you everything, what you would like to know. just contact us on:
    you can contact us in polish, english, german and urdu.

    • Hello Samiyah,

      Bravo !!! I couldn’t agree with you more about the horrors inflicted upon humanity by the christian faith establishment.

      But by the same token, be fair and discuss the evil verses of Qur’an where those who do not follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be slaughtered… And why don;t you talk about the countless innocent women and children raped, beaten and killed by their loving Muslim husbands?

      The sad truth is that all religions are the root of all evil and violence in the world and all of them, without exception, are man-made fairy tales with the sole purpose of controlling the minds of ignorant masses. God was created by men … not the other way around.

      Just because a lie is repeated over and over again during hundreds of years …. unfortunately it doesn’t make it true but it merely has the same credibility as an urban legend.

      This is the 21st century with all its profound knowledge, undisputed discoveries and scientific achievements. Come join us, why don’t you?

    • Salam Samiyah how r U, i need to discuss sumthng with u , if u plz reply me at my email , i wil thankful to u ..

    • Dear Sister Samiyah,

      May Allah bless you and your family.I would refrain from making judgment on other religion,but I am happy to tell the Muslim contributions to this planet.Susanna is commenting on propaganda that she hears on Radio and TV and she probably making a mistake to distinguish fact from Fiction.If she studies life of Jesus(PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) she will finf many truth.Just one example when Jesus was crucified according to Bibble (out of many) Jesus looked up to Allah and said “Elahi ,why have you foresaken me? If Jesus was the Trinity and GOD which Elahi he was looking for? Then She could study the Role of Salahuddin during the crusade,the rule of Muslim in different parts of the world,Calipha Omar(PBUH)’s rule etc.So we will say our side what is good or bad let the reader make their own Judjment.Thank You.Jajak Allah Khayran.

    • You are ignorant. Poland should not allow to build mosques. if they allow then they will build bombs in these mosques

      • You are misguided by the lies,read history and be more informed by studying books by reputed writers. , do not make up your mind & comment based only on what Larry King or Wolf Blitzer in CNN or Fox or NBC says.Stop listening to the Goebbels media in many countries which they do for ratings and other motives .Let me re-confirm ,Truth will set everyone free.Please study & STOP.

    • Finally…thanks sister..I have girlfriend from Poland,she’s christian..and I’m u think that its possible for us to united & get married?

  5. Susanna King has to look a bit deeper into the muslim history and islamic ideologies in order to know the truth. Muslims around the world need to build the same character which our forefathers had in order to spread the true message of Islam. Let’s work hard to make our image clear…

    • but u know brother, it will be very dificult to clean the name of islam!
      the most of people think we are terrorist!!!!!!
      and here i will ask Susanna King: are you christian?… if yes: why are you not covered (hair and head)? Your Jesus said in the Bibel: cur the hair by the woman who doesn’t cover the head!!!!! so i think Susanna should learn first about her relogion, than about islam. and on the end compare the both religions and see how many things are same.

      • We are not terrorists and the muslims in the past were not terrorists who ruled the world for centuries because of there character which impressed the people.

      • My wide guess is that Susanna doesn’t wear a scarf because she no longer lives in 200 AD Arabia…. Plus it really isn’t that hot in Poland (most of the year). And why should she? After all, with extreme exceptions, we live in a civilized modern society where most men manage to control their animal-like sexual instincts and can live in perfect harmony with women treating them as equal partners and without having uncontrollable need to jump their bones each time they see their hair.

        Did you know that the Middle East is by far the highest consumer of woman’s make up in the world? Why is that? Why on one hand Muslim women follow the teachings of Islam and cover their bodies (highly disputable among Muslim women everywhere) – main pretext for doing so is not to tempt men into sinful thoughts…. On the other hand they wear so much make up (some is so exaggerated as if they were preparing for a burlesque cabaret in the red district of Paris) – to “subtly” invite the attention of a passer-by.

        Can it BE anymore hypocritical ????

        And let me ask you this, are you following all of the rules articulated by the Holy Quar’an? Can you honestly say that ? Because I’ve loved long enough in the Muslim countries but I am yet to meet a single individual who follow Quar’an teachings to the letter. So, if some rules must be obeyed but some can be skipped… Who decided which is which?

        Please don’t answer this question. It is rhetorical… Thousands of Muslims including leading clerics and scholars dispute this very issue since ages.

        PS. Since you so eagerly invite Susanna to wear a scarf like it says in the Bible (which we all know is the truth… NOT!!), how should she treat her slaves ? Any advice on that? Because the Bible provides plenty….

        Abrahamic religions are nothing but a set of subjectively selected and highly disputed rules derived from myth writings such as the Bible, Tora and Quar’an

      • “We have, without doubt, sent down the Reminder and We will assuredly guard it [from corruption].} (Al-Hijr 15:9)”

        So my taking is, If we fail to clean the name of Islam,Allah will,
        do not be afraid of telling and spreading the truth about Allah and his Prophets from Adam,Moses,Jesus and the last Muhammad(pbu all) Thank you.

    • … you mean, the crusades is the answers? It worked for our christian forefathers….

  6. […] like altar boys. Common enough because of the percentages: 95+% Catholic, 5% other, including a few Muslims. These particular priests had gathered for a procession of the Black Madonna through Lipnica […]

  7. huh ?

  8. there are ample of mistakes in bible..For example in genesis chapter it says that vegetation was created one day bfore the creation which is completely wrong..The other verse says that jesus stood on a mountain nd could see the whole world which is again unscientific..according to bible Earth is flat which which catholics strict blvd for decades..nd there are many more mistakes..word of God can nvr contain mistakes..
    Also it is bcoz of media that islam is getting some bad images..When war between the protest and catholics took place in Ireland the which took thousands of lifes the media used the term ‘troubles’ instead of christian militant. but when a muslim does a crime regardless of its nature the media wholeheartedly and easily use the term ISLAMIST MILITANTS..This is extremely funny..Finally i wud like to tel dis to my christians brother and sister that one who does not believe in jesus can nver b a muslim bt the one who believs hm to b the son of god can also not b a muslim!! (i am from india)

  9. What i think !

    There is no place for muslim in Poland.
    – Samiyah – YES everyone think you r terrorists and THIS is TRUE ! September 11 , Boston Marathon etc.
    – Susanna killer – Who is the racist ? White people ? or Muslims burning poppies in UK etc. Try to do this in Poland and you will see. Everyone know United Kingdom is too soft, system is really easy going and thats way you taking over there and in France. But not in Poland.
    – Samiyah – why are you not covered (hair and head)? – come on dude 21st cent. wearing what? poor muslim womens , they cannot show their beauty because of Koran and mens !
    – Samiyah – ” i would like to offer here help to everyone who would like to learn more about islam ….. ” learn about what ? How to make a bomb ? No thank you for lesson

    Please explain me people ( muslim ) about terrorist attacks done by your brothers, warriors, idiots !!!

    There is no place for your community in Poland
    You r not welcome !!!

    – Suzanna king – YES you r right – Please deport them ALL !!

    Thats what i think

    • Dear Michal,

      i am a true Muslim and i always condemn the attacks on non Muslims or even on muslims by Non- Muslim as in Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and in whole world.

      there are some bad peoples in Muslims and also in other Religions, because of those Stupid Peoples we cant ask that whole the religion is bad, peoples can be good or bad but religion cant be bad ever.

      as a Muslim we respect all the religions not the peoples at all.

      Even in Islam we can’t protect bad peoples in our religion too.

      Hope you understand.

      May Allah bless you and succeeded you in all your wishes.

      Best Wishes

      • A very wise men once said : With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

  10. Please all Polish Nation !!

    Look whats happen in United Kingdom today. Is really SHOCKING !!!!! They are BARBARIC AND SICK !!! Dont do mistake like UK . Deport them all. Wake up Poland !!! They sick, they r TERRORIST !!!

    • You clown. You cowards will never get rid of us. Alhamdulillah (All praise be to God) that so many Polish brothers and sisters are finding the beauty of Islam.

  11. Michal, you’re right and so is susanna king. Sorry but live where you live, I don’t mind you at all, I don’t mind muslims visiting Poland for a short time, hell, I don’t even mind if PL-muslim couples falling in love and living together in our country (happens). No. I am not racist. I am just against globalisation and against other cultures flooding us. That’s all.

    Live in peace and all the best to you.

  12. hi , m planing to visit poland and i need friend special Muslim friend ………………….

    • Qualify “special muslim friend”. My imagination is going wild, there is so much interpretation to that ;-)

  13. Salaam
    To all muslim brother and sister i have been asking my self this question why is it so had to see moquest in poland have been in poland for 6 month now i never one day pray in a moquest i also miss the friday pray which is very had for me to miss the jumat,why is poland so week for this beautifull region lislam.i wish to meet a lot of muslim brother in poland.
    O Allah save all the muslim from your punishment ,and dont put us amongst the people who dont believe in you and the day of Resurrection the people who are the zanlimun,polytheists and wrong doers Ameen

    • oooh oooh oooh… so if we dont believe in your whatever you will not have any mercy and save only muslims ??

  14. I live in UK and my neighbours are Polish, they are the best neighbours I’ve ever had.
    My appeal to the Polish people is, don’t be fooled in to believing the very Anti Muslim Media, Muslims are very peaceful and caring people.

  15. Sooo i’m Polish and i (currently at least) have NOTHING against muslims that currently live in Poland.
    Mostly because i have yet to meet one outside of several glances when i was in the UK.

    Note that the muslim minority in Poland is rather small and therefore not troublesome… yet.
    However people still hear a lot of… well let’s say crazyness when it comes to muslims… you know the usual christian girl soaked with acid here, rape there, church burning over there.
    People are cautious and there might be a strong response when the first bombs detonates in the crowd.

    I fear that all this might eventually end with a kristallnacht when people finally have enough and stop caring if that muslim on hand is a homicidal god fearing idiot or not.

  16. Whats with the need for arabs to move to places where they are least likely to be liked or accepted? Our governments are neglecting our longterm security by allowing these gentleman into countries that Europeans built and died for. Why allow ugly, pushy chameleon men who have already overpopulated there own countries move into beautiful places that our anscestors built? These guys are gonna make us all wish foe the jews back. We’ll never feel safe again.

  17. Abdulwahab bouli: go back to algeria. Your not european! Algeria is your country bro. Go home, make algeria a better place. Stop waisting time.
    Poles and Polish police will never duck away from removing you from their country if more of you idiots from north africa and lebanon move there. Unlike the effeminate french or dithering english, Poles have a strong christian and european identity; that they being decended from mighty barbarians, are capable of defending. When I say defending, I mean at the border or on their street corners! Arabs rioting and destroying property in Warsaw? Over our dead corpses! We signed to be apart the european union not the eurabi union. Stay away from my sister Abdulwahabi or I’ll lay some hurt on you!
    God bless Jan Sobieski! God bless Poland!

  18. Peace upon you all,

    your chat i can find it between any two people who cant hold the right conversation..

    First, i am muslim.. And i work for one peaceful world.. I live in kuwait, and i visit poland.. I share food and gifts with my polish friends family, which they are Christians and Jews… And they invite me to wedding, me and my mather which she wairing Hijab and covers hir hair..

    The question for you is, did jesus Christian? If he is Christian, which he belong to, protestant or catholic?
    Christ is not christianity, christianity is not the christian people… And for that, we cant judge region because of the peoples behavior who follow him..
    I am muslim but i dont agree with 11/9..

    If though, than whole christians blams of Hitler gults!!!

    Love for all of you.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if Susanna king is a Muslim who’s creating unnecessary tensions by posting such illogical comments. He or she sounds like a Muslim.

  20. Please, don’t let islam spread in Poland! Islam is bad – agressive, invasive, halal-obsessed.

    In general, muslims are lazy, they just wait for social benefits, they want to impose their retarded religion on others! Lets have a look at how islamic countries look like – poor, underdeveloped, always at war. They’re going to do the same to Europe if we don’t oppose it!

    I returned to Poland from over 1-year stay abroad and I’m never going to accept any mosques in Poland! I want to live in jihad-free, burka-free country where I don’t have to eat that dirty, awful halal meat!

    • hello joanna..
      I am muslim.. and i give you my voice..
      man who moves by religion always makes war and kill each other.. all religion was like this.. from Adams sons till now.. this is CRUSADES comes after the CHRISTIANITY, which it is the must PEACEFUL religion have ever found.. while the christ said “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES” & “WHO is KILLING BY THE SWORD, BY THE SWORD HE WILL BE KILLED. but still we saw how English and Spaish POPs blissed the SWORDS and the Soldiers who are going to (KILL) native amrican, by th name of christianity.. GOD IS LOVE.

      so the same is hapening for muslims..
      belive me.. many muslimes want to have like europe countries.. nd the feel more safe and comfurtable there..

      religion is not the people.. as the christianity not the christions, and the christions “Belivers” not CHRIST,, as the CHrist not christian tooo.
      the same.. profet Mohammad not the Islam.. Islam not the muslims.. there is big defrance..

      the secret of why muslims countries not so good as the europe is or west… let me say it for you:
      europe was verry bad in the dark ages.. while the islamic countries was the TOP that days..
      not the europ is free from the church, they have (Civilian) law not (religios) law.

      please check my vedios:

      Love for all.

      • @Ahmad,
        What you people are doing now is very dangerous. So you guys will not be allowed to do the things you do in western europe.

        Dont blame Media for everything. As if your muslim brothers are not bombing innocent peple in the name of peacefull religion.

        Never think Poles will allow you people to build mosques. Dont bother to justify. You dont have place here.

        Make your own country your playground for your activities not in our country

        • I will not belittle myself to justify your comment but it is what it is,It does not matter,what the tunnel visioned Thugs(by words or by actions),think or do,but for good people with wider vision and open minds, there is no boundary in this Flat world and day and age. Mosque,Church,Synagogues do not kill, it is the people worshiping inside those cement structures commits the crimes (either words or in actions) and people like you sometimes encourage this crimes.Please stop.

          • I agree.. like all the politicians people.. they speace about peace while they are getting ready to fight in wars..
            america and russia they are talking about peace.. while they are getting ready to fight each other.. nobody want peace..

            if we didnt stop this game.. and start loving each other.unless in the fourth world no body will be exist to speack about the thread world war..

            STOP serving wars.
            kisses for all of you :)

          • Radical Islam is responsible for honour killings and gun attacks on those “who offend Muhammad” (in reality on those who offend the feelings of attackers). It is not just people, it is people, who are radicalised Muslims. It sounds like a stranger banging on the door of a house and shouting, I want to live in your home, make me feel comfortable, let me tell you what your home should look like.

          • @Ahmad

            If you want peace, address your fellow believers and tell them that it is wrong to kill people for Muhammad cartoons.

  21. I am from Saudi Arabia. Ive been in Krakow for 1 year. the thing is that you can find good/bad people everywhere in this world. Poland is quite nice country, nice people too when they get to know you. I am very social person and believe me, most polish ive met think we live in tents while most of the tallest skyscrapers in the world are in the middle east. The kingdom tower (1 km tower) is being built now 30 minutes away from my house.

    if i can blame somebody it would be the media.

    God bless JU, Krakow, Poland

    • Salam Azzizi Jeddah,

      I hope you are well. I need your help and advice, I am going to study Dentistery at the medical University of Silesia . I have almost zero information about the general life there.

      Please give me your advice.
      You can contact me on:

      Kind Regards

    • Can you answer me a simple question ? Is there allowed to build up a church in Saudi Arabia ???
      If not , whats the reason ?? Should Poland refuse to build mosques based on the same principle ??

      • Apples and oranges. You can not compare the two for a simple, and rather obvious reason. Saudi Arabia is not a democracy. And it most certainly doesn’t provide its citizen with many basic human right including freedom of speech or religion. Poland does. It is a free and democratic country (after centuries of fierce fighting and bloodshed). Now that Poland earned this right it is somewhat obligated to extend this right to all its citizens and residents. It’s “catch 22″ as witnessed in many other democratic countries such as Denmark, Canada, Australia, Germany, to name a few. The fundamental conflict of ideology and lifestyles is caused be people from un-democratic countries / societies using those hard earned freedoms to enforce their own un-democratic and medieval values on to those who reject them. Hence, for instance, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant woman filing a lawsuit against the Canadian government for forcing her to remove her burka to take the Canadian citizenship oath. I really don’t know how these democratic societies can fairly deal with this paradox. Good luck!

        • Ahmed, there is no paradox. Saudi Arabian laws are actually Sharia plus some Muslim tradition. If you do not agree with them why are you Muslim? If you are Muslim, then you agree with Saudi laws. There can be no third option. And before you demand that more mosques be built in Europe, go to Saudi Arabia and convince them to build at least two churches.
          We, Europeans have seen enough of Muslim practises. We have seen honour killings, harassment of women who do not look Muslim, suicide bombers and gun attacks on unarmed civilians. We do not want this in Europe.

          • @ Daniel, see how your prejudice have blinded your fair interpretation of what I saying here. This is part of the problem which western democracies will have to face. I’m not a Muslim. I’m a free-thinking naturalist. Born and raised in Poland. And I’m very familiar with Saudi Arabia having travelled there extensively and frequently. Regrettably it’s not all as black and white as you are suggesting and finding peaceful solution to the challenges in Europe, USA and other democratic and (somewhat) secular societies will be very difficult. I hope they will succeed.

    • Dear Jeddah, just have a good look at the laws of your country, how they treat non Muslims and those who want to leave Islam. Does this have to do with the media? Do the media forbid to build churches and other non Muslim temples in Saudi Arabia?

  22. Salam,

    I am a British Muslim just my high school, I have been accepted at the Medical University of Silesia – Poland to study a Dentistry. I know no one in this place , I need to know the following information:
    1- can I rent a small clean studio flat near the University ?
    2- are they any Muslim community in this place?
    3- Can I find Halel meT in this city ?

    Please update me with the Information that you know.

    Kind Regards.
    M. Hassan

  23. Al salamo Alikom brothers ,

    Could any one lives in poland help and advise me on some confusing stuff. As I am planning to move to wroclaw city soon .

    Waiting for your help .

  24. Good luck:

  25. “Muslims should feel as comfortable in Poland as they do in their native countries.”

    Should? Is it a responsibility of Polish people and their government to make Muslims feel at home in Poland? How about Muslims themselves? Do they make non Muslims feel comfortable in non Muslim countries with sizable Muslim minorities?

    Let us not forget that the ultimate goal of Islam is a world Khaliphate. In their mindset all people are supposed to be Muslim, so whatever you do to please them, Muslims will eventually want to convert Poland into an Islamic country.

    So let’s begin from the fact that Muslims should respect and accept the culture of their host nation. Because it is they who are newcomers. In most Muslim countries those who are not Muslims do not feel comfortable. In fact, in some countries people can face capital punishment if they convert from Islam to Christianity. This shows the basics of the Muslim mentality: they consider themselves superior to other religions. In many Muslim countries it is forbidden for Christians to pray in public, to preach, to distribute the Gospel. I think this should be addressed and resolved before Muslims claim it’s someone else’s responsibility to make them feel comfortable in non Muslim countries.

  26. Poland won’t let Muslims swamp and destroy their country and culture. Our people has strong identity and won’t back down. You come to our country and follow our rules and respect our culture. You won’t get away with it in this country. People will actually fight back.

  27. Every religion teach us to be good..
    I dont think ur a good christian girl I guess..
    So many hatred in u..
    I’m muslim & my gf from poland..she is christian..
    As poland & christian people,she not so racist like u,
    But still accept me as muslim & all about muslim

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