OTTO Work Force now in Krakow!

OTTO Work Force, a company leading in the international market of the employment industry, plans to open consecutive offices in January 2008 in Poznan, Gdynia, Warsaw and Krakow. The Krakow office began operating on Jan. 21 with three employees: Barbara Jablonka as head clerk, Anna Tycholis as recruitment specialist, and Jagoda Pietrzyk as recruitment consultant.

OTTO launched its operation in 2000, at first securing work in The Netherlands for those possessing dual citizenship from the Silesia region. The opening of the labor market in The Netherlands on May 1, 2007 was a big event for all those who were willing to take on employment there – from that instant, all citizens of countries that joined the EU three years earlier could avoid all obstacles and start working in the land of the tulips. The figure representing the number of people taking on work in The Netherlands reaches around 10,000 annually. They have the opportunity to work in one of 150 client companies, located throughout the country, in manufacturing, production, electronics, logistics, and agriculture. The company provides its employees with travel to The Netherlands, accommodation, daily transport to and from work, and care for Polish personnel.

OTTO also engages in Domino Day – the largest media event in The Netherlands. Hundreds of youths arrange domino pieces over a period of two months, during which time they have fun integrating and more importantly earning money. Young domino amateurs from different parts of Eastern Europe later take part in an all-day show, transmitted through a number of European and Polish television networks.

OTTO, however, involves more than just work in The Netherlands – anyone represented through our offices can find permanent or temporary work within the country. In Poland today, close to 500 temporary employees work for OTTO daily, a figure that continues to increase month by month. Employees recruited by us work as: specialists in customer service, as trade representatives, engineers, executives, sales assistants, cashiers, forklift operators, sorters, production workers, cleaners, kitchen hands, cooks, confectioners, office helpers, dispatchers, and consultants.

Over seven years, OTTO has evolved from a regional company to a statewide agency, with offices in Opole, Wroclaw, Gliwice, Kedzierzynie-Kozlu, Kielce, Bialystok, Poznan, Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow. All offices operate under the same procedures and are handled centrally, in accordance with an in-house computer system serving OTTO employees and clients. We are at your disposal every day

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