Best sellers for 2007

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K. Rowling heads Empik’s best sellers 2007 English book list.

The Harry Potter series has continued to dominate the market since its introduction attracting a readership beyond its child-teenage audience with many adult readers seduced by Rowling’s magical writing style. From the magical to the mystical, Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” continues to fair well with its enlivening of thoughts and questions surrounding the Christian world.

A popular subject in an overtly Catholic country like Poland. Paulo Coelho’s “The Witch of Portobello” also fits into this mould, if somewhat more subliminally in his ongoing engagement over spirituality and the Catholic Church.

Patric Suskind’s mystical realism work “Perfume,” recently presented in film, holds a continuing presence over 20 years after publication in 1985. Along with the “Devil wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger and “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, each of these publications have been buoyed by their respective film releases post-publication.

From the non-fiction genre Britain’s Jeremy Clarkson makes the best seller list with “The world according to Clarkson” and “I know you got soul,” rounding off a varied selection of readings for the coming holidays.

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