Warsaw University friendly for disabled

Nearly 1000 students with a disability now study at Warsaw University (300 kilometers north of Krakow), making it the most disability friendly university in Poland.

The university provides learning support for visually impaired students through audio recordings, sign language translators for hearing and speaking impaired students and physical access for wheel chairs.

“Initially my professors and fellow students wondered how I would cope,” said Filip Zagonczk a visually impaired student at Warsaw University according to Gazeta.pl. “I don’t get preferential treatment and I take the same exams as my friends. This is all thanks to the university’s support for people with disabilities.”
The university has an office dedicated to students with a disability and continues to reduce physical barriers from faculty buildings and student accommodation facilities. Wheel chair access has now become available to the old library since its renovation.

Lecture halls are numbered with braille doorplates to assist visually impaired students’ independent movement around the campus. There is also specialized transport available to students requesting assistance to move between lectures.
These measures make education available to more Polish students based on their intellectual merits irrespective of their physical abilities.

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