Art On Magnets: A New Way Of Promoting Artists In Kraków

Federico Lynch, Agnes Pisz Photogrr and Malwina de Bradé were the three artist who exhibited their work on 2nd December at Klub Kotłownia (situated in Bożego Ciała 7, Kazimierz) in a very particular way, as their photos and draws were available on magnets that people could buy to put on the fridge or in any other magnetic surface.

The event was not only an art exhibition where the assistants contributed to promote these 3 artists purchasing the beautiful magnets, but also an opportunity to enjoy the music with DJ Mysterons  who played break, ghetto funk, hip – hop and reggae music.

The artists

Agnes Pisz Photogrr is the artistic name of Agnieszka Pisz, a Polish photographer, specialised in abstract photography of nature, architecture and people. Krakow Post could talk to her during the event about the colourful selection exhibited: “These photos are a journey through my life and the places where I have been such as Israel, Poland or Spain. There are photos from Seville, Zaragoza, Valencia and Cuenca, for example”.

Agnes Pisz has been interested in shooting since 2004 and for her “photography is a medium to create a piece of my fine art, compose the new, discover the hidden”, as it is written in her website. She has participated in several exhibitions during these 10 years and she has the intention to continue sharing her particular vision of life.

DSC_0561Agnes Pisz Photogrr panel.  Photo by Carmen González de León

Federico Lynch, from Argentina, is a new promise in the photography world. He arrived to Kraków more than one year ago and this is the first time that he is involved in an exhibition. Krakow Post had also the opportunity to talk with him at the exhibition: “Curiosity and love for travelling made me leave my “Buenos Aires querido” a couple of years ago. Now, I wake up every day in this beautiful city, Kraków, where I live and work”.

In fact, all his black and white photos printed in magnets were taken in this city and it is possible to recognise iconic places such as Wawel Castle, Vistula river, Grodzka street or the market square. “For me, each photo is a memory, and it’s a pleasure to share with you some of my shots”, explained Federico Lynch.

DSC_0572Federico Lynch panel.  Photo by Carmen González de León

Malwina de Bradé is the third artist who exhibited her work and she is the only one who not only takes pictures, but she also draws, paints and produces animation. In fact, all her magnets were draws where the animals, the nature and the woman were the stars.

She has an impressive curriculum after more than 20 years creating and developing her art, always engaged with book illustration, photography and printmaking. She graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1995 and even before she participated in exhibitions. Malwina de Bradé is a multidisciplinary Polish artist who belongs to different groups such as Związku Polskich Artystów Plastyków (Association of Polish Artists) or the photographic group Szare Dni (Grey Days).

DSC_0578Malwina de Bradé panel.  Photo by Carmen Gonzalez de León

Although the exhibition was on 2nd December, it is still possible to purchase a magnet, contacting directly the artists on their websites and Facebook. “We also can print whatever you want from our portfolios”, confirmed Agnes Pisz.

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