Elektrowoz music train

Taking the music to the masses Elektrowoz Festival toured through Katowice to Krakow in December with the entertainment never leaving the tracks.

Elektrowoz Festival is a multi-platform event taking place in Tychy, Katowice and Krakow with a program of performing and visual arts targeted at young people. Rather than young people going to cultural venues, the organizers have decided to bring the cultural event to them via rail.

The line-up included RG Boys, Me Myself and BTR, Clapham, South and Tropain from the alternate music scene. Jon Kennedy from the UK headlined the event with his fusion of funk, soul and hip-hop sounds. “It’s all about the feel of each track.

I’m not really trying to create a specific sound of my own or break new boundaries. It’s still a learning process for me. I try to interpret what’s in my head through sounds. Ultimately, I suppose, the drum patterns shape the feel of each track, what ever happens from then on in is a pretty organic process,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy was joined by local rising star Wojciech Kucharczyk promoting his current psycho-funk project “The Complainer.” Photographer Anna Rozmus from the Polish daily Polska also participated in the event with her “From Light to Shadow” exhibition.

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