Sixty-six percent of Krakow residents have received wage increase in last three years, second place after Wroclaw

In the last three years, 66% of Krakow residents have received a wage increase, reports Gazeta Wyborcza. This is highest number in Poland after Wroclaw, the newspaper reported.

A total of 301 full-time employees took part in the survey conducted by the research company PBS DGA. The company used Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) for the analysis.

During the survey, over half of the Krakow-based respondents said it is not necessary to work more in order to earn more — yet they expect a salary increase within the next 3 years.

Statistics confirm that Poles are earning more with each year.
The economy has begun to flourish and the European job market has created many opportunities for Polish specialists. A large number of Poles have emigrated to other EU countries.

Market analysts say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality professionals in Krakow, and many locals have exceedingly high salary demands.
Over the last three years, 66.1% of respondents received a wage increase, and for the most part over the last 6 months.

?A few years ago, salaries in the Malopolska region were among the lowest in Poland,? said Aneta Okonska, a manager at a strategy group in the Malopolskie Voivodeship Work Office. ?It?s not unusual that people are demanding more.?
?I can buy what I want,? answered 2.7 percent of respondents in Krakow. This is the second highest result after Warsaw, the richest city in Poland; 42.6 percent of respondents feel that they have more expenses than income; and, 37.5 % only have enough money for basic requirements; 15.9 % are living on the poverty line.
The average worker in Krakow believes that 3,933 zloty is the salary needed to live comfortably.

This is the highest amount in Poland. In Warsaw, residents believe this amount to be 3,881 zloty.

A total of 79.7 percent of respondents want to earn more money, but do not want to work for the wage increase.

Nearly half of all Warsaw residents want to earn more (49.6%), and similar results were found in Lodz and Poznan. But in the seven areas covered by the study, each region agreed that with an increase of salary must come an increase in responsibility — except Krakow.

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