Textbook helps gays and lesbians come out of the closet

“Author Robert Biedron is trying to get his book “”Rainbow Primary,”” which deals with gay sexuality, into the Polish school curriculum. The effort is causing a political firestorm, the Warsaw-based newspaper Dziennik reported.

Biedron, who will submit an application in December for his book to be part of the school curriculum, said: “”Whether you like it or not, lesbians and gays are in every school.””

They are seeking information about their sexuality, which is often more complicated than “”straight”” sexuality. “”Rainbow Primary”” is the only option for them, he said.

The first few chapters describe what gay and lesbian sex is and also cover such topics as how to treat a friend who is gay and how to tell parents you’re gay.

Biedron’s effort to get the text into schools has rankled many politicians.

“”Promoting homosexuality in school? Is he crazy?”” asked Stefan Niesiolowski of the Civic Platform party.
Tadeusz Cymanski of the Law and Justice party told the Polish Press Agency that tolerance is fine, but it can be displayed in other ways. “”We shouldn’t interfere in children’s education this way,”” he said.

Minister of Education Katarzyna Hal said she will examine the book herself and obtain experts’ opinions before deciding whether to include it in the school curriculum. Meanwhile, some teachers are already using it.

“”The book is very interesting and shows the problem in a very delicate and wise way,”” said Marzanna Pogorzelska, a teacher in Kedzierzyn Kozle. “”I will read some parts of it during high school lessons.””

Pogorzelska became famous for saying in a letter to former Education Minister Roman Giertych that she teaches children about the equality of the sexes and about the equality of those with different sexual orientations.

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