Sixth Soup Festival in Kazimierz goes over well with gourmet cooks and public

On Saturday, May 19, pl. Nowy in Krakow?s Kazimierz turned into a giant eatery. The best cooks, masters of all and every possible kind of soup, competed for the title of the best gourmet cook. They expertly cooked, loudly praised, generously served and enthusiastically ate their soup themselves, having a good time all the way through.
Soup, which has been a part of Polish culinary tradition for ages, does not need to be advertised. What is surprising, however, is the great abundance of its variety and unique tastes. Let us be honest, however. Almost every Pole would be quick to agree that coconut and chicken, or tomato and banana soup is no match for a traditional, well-flavored and thick pea, onion or cucumber soup.

Fortunately enough, the festival did not try to pander only to the tastes of the average Pole, but offered many culinary attractions to everyone. Those who craved exoticism and originality could find it at Alchemia. The club indulged its guests with take-away soup in paper bags that contained the recipe and all the necessary ingredients for its preparation.

The field kitchens, as usual, were extremely popular. They served up some delicious pea soup with sausage, which attracted the longest lines of all.
As one of the festival?s participant put it: the secret of a good festival lies in both good fun and tasty food.

The jury announced the verdict for this year?s best soup around 22:00:
– The Gold Patera Award was granted to Horai Restaurant ? for its Thai galangal soup with chicken;

– The Silver Patera Award went to Fabryka Pizzy ? for its soup from yellow paprika pesto;
– The Bronze Patera Award was given to Flower Power ? for its ?Bulgarian tarator? style soup, zupa;
–         Honorable Mention was received by the Farmers? Wives Association from Jastrzebie ? for its horseradish soup.

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