Net contract auctions hit market

“In the last month, the first possibility for employers to auction off their sub-contracts on the Internet has been introduced. According to Gazeta Prawna this is an efficient method to deal with the chronic shortage of staff and workers.

Inatuz is an auctioning site whereby a company can advertise its services that need rendering to a sub-contractor. The principles are that of an auction house in which sub-contractors tender their offers with regards to a specific contract being auctioned off. The site allows for one-on-one negotiations between an employer and the sub-contractor or the worker. Both parties can communicate and define their demands and expectations with regards to one another.

The efficient method of using the internet means, according to critics, the site will be able to solve the problems of worker shortages most businesses in Poland are facing. Sub-contracting will mean no full-time employment proceedings or benefits or the need to provide a full-time working environment for the sub-contractor.

Gazeta Prawna reports, the sub-contractors will have the possibility of flexible time management and not be bound to one place of work. This will allow full-time employees to carry out additional services after-hours or on the weekend should they decide to do so, by bidding their services on the auction site. The additional benefit of not having to abide by working hours or be bound to one place of work, means sub-contractors will be able to easily provide services for prospective employers on the other side of the country. This indeed is a good solution to those living in rural or remote areas of Poland, where unemployment is high.

One of the requirements of the Intauz site is that once a company makes a request for services on the site they are bound to carry through with the offer. This means a company may not be able to place an ad for the required services or use the site as an advertising mechanism. Of course if none of the offers made suffice the requirements of the prospective purchasing party, it is possible to end the auction without selecting a sub-contractor.

According to Gazeta Prawna, the company seeking services must give detailed descriptions of how the services will be completed and accepted as rendered by the company. Payments for the services will be assured through Escrow system. The moment the auction is closed and a bid accepted, both parties are bound by agreement.

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