Dear Luiza: High Adrenaline Dating

Dear Luiza,

I came to Krakow to set up an outsourcing department for a big company. The job is fantastic, but I have a hard time getting a date. I know I’m a little plain, but I am actually quite an interesting person. I’m just not someone who feels comfortable dressing up in high heels and lots of make-up. What can I do to attract someone?

Love, Anne

Dear Anne,

‘Meet Him on a Suspension Bridge’ was the title of an interesting survey done in Canada some years back. A young, bookish woman stopped male adventurers on a rickety bridge, asked them a random question and give them her telephone number in case they were “interested in getting the results of the survey.”

Later, the survey was repeated with all details the same, except that it was on a safe, sturdy bridge. The results were compelling. Not only were the men on the shaky bridge more likely to call the woman for the results of the survey, they were also far more likely to ask her for a date.

What does this teach us? Use your courage and initiative to meet potential dates when their adrenalin is already running high. There are some great rock climbing places

in and around Krakow, go-cart tracks and paint ball fields. And if you’re not the sporty type, join one of the many save-our-city-marches of protest in Krakow, or spend some time in the museum of contemporary art.

And remember, the rules of flirting have changed over the last few generations. Women can approach first, men don’t have to pay, and being single is coveted rather than pitied.

If you want more flirting tips, I invite you to visit my website. After all, Spring is just around the corner and the endorphins and happy hormones are already rushing through us.

I wish you fun, Luiza

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